Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Where We Ate in Siem Reap


Ta Phrom Khmer Food

This is a restaurant located near Ta Phrom (the Tomb Raider temple) and wasn't part of John's "must-try" list (hehe!) but he had an injury while exploring the temple and we had to postpone some of the scheduled temple visits and rest.  The tuktuk driver took us here and we were able to try some of Cambodian cuisines.  I can't get over the delicious noodles served in our hostel so I tried another variant in here.  Interesting was Sir Rey's food which is Lok Lak.  It consists of stir-fried marinated, cubed beef (or pork or chicken) served with onions, on a bed of lettuce, and tomatoes which is dipped in a sauce consisting of lime juice. Here I introduced to them my favorite wintermelon drink and they both liked it.  Hehe. :P

Cambodian BBQ Restaurant

Has the lonely planet recommendation but John argued that they have the worst service from the review.  It was true.  Didn’t expect their grill-it yourself BBQ  is sort of like a hotpot and you get to select 10 kinds of meat including the exotic options (crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo anyone??? yikes!!!) as seen from the picture below.

The hotpot is already good for sharing for three people and tastes really good.  We all enjoyed cooking it with just a couple of Angkor Wat beer and my favorite drink mojito for me. *wink*

The Old House Restaurant

Took time for us to locate since it is not exactly along the busy road where tuktuk drivers would drop you off along the pub street.  Located across from the hospital, it is a good place for intimate conversations and they provide excellent food and huge servings for an affordable price. :)  I almost didn't finish my fish and chips meal because of the big serving.  Definitely recommended!!!  Also of note is their classy interior.  It was a tough decision not going back here again on the third night but John had other restaurants on his list. :P

The Blue Pumpkin

We almost lost John when we were looking for this place in our bikes that Sunday morning.   Yep, he is that “type” of food lover.  Haha!!!  But I understood why.   They offer quite a selection of pastries, sandwiches, coffee and desserts and ice cream that are very hard to resist.  I mean, look at John’s thin apple tart below.   I checked out their second and third floor and the place is very good for just chilling out with your laptop in those pristine white cushion lounge.  Btw, almost all of the restaurants here in Siem Reap offer free wi-fi!!!  Perfect for Foursquare addicts like me.  LOL!!!  The place is also very airy and spacious.  I feel like I can always start my day here (if I was living in Siem Reap, that is :P)  Too bad, we had to stay outside to keep an eye on our bikes (though it wasn’t necessary since they were locked, lol!) but this is where I found the most delicious chai massala tea I’ve ever tasted!!!

The Sun

The corner location of this restaurant makes it a perfect hangout for just people watching with its huge windows (almost open area and very refreshing) specially that Sunday afternoon when we visited.  They have a very artsy interior but it just bothered us that the waiters are taking the food using those steep stairs from the kitchen in the second floor?  LOL!  Again that biking gave us a different perspective of the Old Market and Pub Street area in the morning but I kind of remembered that this is also one of those jampacked restaurants at night with its great music. Would've been happier if they served more of that noodles in my plate coz it’s very tasty. :)

La Boulangerie Restaurant 

As you all know, Siem Reap was once a French colony so French restaurants abound all over here.  From the tripadvisor reviews (consulted just before writing this entry, most of the reviewers rof this place raved about the paninis and quiches which made it a good choice for either breakfast or dinner) but I thoroughly enjoyed my stuffed chicken with melted cheese and lemon sauce for my last dinner in Siem Reap thanks very much! :)  And loved the lemongrass tea too (of Sir Rey, haha!)

The dark photo above was because there was a power outage when we were dining.  It was pretty common in that place because of the upgrades being done in that city. :)  Here's the dinner I was raving about. :)

I hope some of the food pictured in here were enough to whet your appetite.  Hehehe.  There's this pizza parlor that we meant to try when we were there but didn't have enough time.  The name is Happy Herb Pizza.  Guess why!!! *wink wink wink* Hahaha!!!

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