Sunday, May 13, 2012


Concede!!! For the first time in KTV, I conceded!!  Hahaha!!!

Oh my gosh, the girls in my company are so talented in the singing department that I can't decide who among them is the best.  LOL!  Gretch's voice ( in green) is childlike and somewhat shrilly, Peach's voice (the one next to me) for me is well-modulated and I like the timber of her voice while I can't tell Leq's (the one in specs) because its hoarse after coming back from a vacation.  But they all have one thing in common, they all can sing high-pitched songs like Better Days, Listen, Stand Up for Love, Through the Fire, etc.  In short, PANIS ako!!!  Hahaha!!!

I'd like to think of my voice as errrm cultured (having musical tones and clear pronunciation) and sure, I can sing the above-mentioned songs in the shower in falsetto.  Hahaha!!  So what I did was share the songs with them and once the high notes in the chorus arrives, I ask for a back-up.  Very clever isn't it, wahahaha!!!  Whatever extra pitch I lacked in singing though, I made sure to make up for it through dancing.  HAHAHA!!!  Jeez, it's the gym's group exercises effect on me.  Tsk!

The activity was held at Music Platinum somewhere near Jupiter Street in Makati.  I like the ambiance, it was my first time in there.  I like those Korean writings by the entrance. :)

It's been almost a month of working and I can see how the developers are stressed with the projects.  And as the PM, I can only help but console them through my funny antics.  LOL!  It didn't take long for the people to unleash that "becky" side of me. Hahaha!!!  Oh em, I can't explain how this side of me lets loose sometimes you know?  Fyi, I'm generally a reserved person.  Hahaha!!!

Wore my MNG Peplum top and skinny jeans plus some cascading gold necklace from Accessories seen here. :)

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