Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Musings: The Job

Whenever one of my co-workers would introduce me to others as one of the managers in the company, I always correct him and say that I am not.  Coz it's true.  Indeed, my job title has that M word into it but I do not involve handling people.  Although yes, I do ask them to implement something about my product but that doesn't necessarily make me a boss.  No, I don't think I'm ready for that.  It's just the job title being misconstrued at times.  With about only 20 employees here in the company, it is a flat organization and everybody's reporting to only one country manager.  I could effortlessly dress up the part though. :P  

During some meetings with my Swedish boss whenever he visits here, I would often get a pang whenever I'd hear the word "let's consult with the engineers".  A little voice inside in me screams "But I am one!!!"  No please don't take it as a case of underestimating me or my technical background, but rather these people are more knowledgeable when it comes to the actual project execution, the timeline and everything.  Wow, how I used to do all that legwork before.  And now that I've moved to the sales and marketing aspect, it isn't the scope of my job anymore.  And having been involved in technical work since forever, I do admit that there are days where I get distracted by indulging in the technical aspect.  This being the first position in this country and the fact that my Swedish boss is seldom around, I admit that I am still groping/  Sometimes it's still feels alien to me whenever we will have a meeting and I would hear the words "for management decision", everybody looks at me and eventually assigns to me the task.  With the sole decision maker here in the country, sometimes I feel like it is a very weighty responsibility. 0_0  And then this cerebral recorder player cues in "You can do it, you've got talent."  Gosh, I must've heard of it a hundred times from my lolo (Swedish boss).

But lately I realized some other aspects of the job that is not within the defined tasks in my portfolio.  After working for almost a month, I believe that I've established a good rapport with my co-workers and that I've become a little involved as well into their personal lives.  What with some niggling issues between some of them, I can't help but be concerned with the impact to the company.  Okay, I'd admit that I first thought about the direct impact to the product but I dare not say it is selfish as we are all working towards only one goal.  Once again, that feeling is so alien to me.  That feeling of doing something about these people issues is so not me.  Perhaps you may chalk it up to my previous experience where I was almost a "virtual" employer of my SG company.  Of course in every company, there will always be issues but working here alone in the PH somehow made me detached from whatever was going on back there.  I've got used to being an independent contributor.  Next month there will be a company outing/teambuilding activity and since we really don't have an HR staff here, the country manager seeks help from all of us when it comes to the activities.  Let's just say that I want to get a little more involved when it comes to the planning.  And I must make amends with the fact that, taking that product word aside, maybe there really is a reason why they put that M word into that job title...........

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