Friday, March 15, 2013



I know I'm flooding but lately I've been posting daily outfits in FB (yeah I know my friends are sick and tired of it, hahaha!!!)  Recently I realized that doing this kind of helps me dig further into my closet, reuse more old clothes and experiment with mix 'n match.  And that needs time it occurred to me, atleast an hour in a week just to do it.  So for yesterday's outfit, I decided to just wear this pink Warehouse beach dress (worn here) and pair it with the cobalt blue Mango blazer that I obsessively wore straight for a week (as blogged here) and came up with this.

And just like in FB, my Instagram post is also updated.  To give some variety, I try to focus more on the details of the outfits in the latter social network app using the hashtag "#instadaily" to justify daily posts (and for more likes from random "igers" and even some bot accounts, I admit).  So it was just a pleasant surprise, when I got a "like" from a quite established name in the fashion industry - a Cavalli!

Of course that feeling of being "ticked pink" would not be entertained unless the account was validated.  (At this juncture, I sort of wished that IG has that "verified account" in them).  I didn't want making announcements from some poser.  And thankfully that day, I remembered Cavalli's recent "meeting" with one of Vogue's awardee for influential fashion bloggers - Nicole of Gary Pepper girl.  So when I was inspecting one of the posts of this account, I saw an actual exchange of comments with her during the Milan fashion week and somehow that initial feeling was validated.  Hihihi.  Though I did found a sort of verified account for Roberto Cavalli (damn IG accounts can't be hyperlinked here noh? :P), I assumed this is one of people he's working with perhaps???  I mean a 72 y.o. man who has very well established himself in the fashion industry wouldn't be obsessing over random pictures on the net right?  It never occurred to me that these mirror images (they're not even taken professionally!!!) could warrant a "designer" attention.  But for a personnel working closely with Cavalli perhaps???  Damn, I'm still okay with that. :P

Anyway, with or without a Cavalli like post, the point is I still like what I wore that day.  Haha!!!  And the chain surprisingly worked with the mix n' match. :)  Shoes are some comfy round wedges from Cotton On. ;-)  More photo-ops below.

Thanks for reading lovelies and I'll be back with stories from Singapore over the weekend!   :)

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