Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blue & Gold

Obviously I have troubles keeping up with my blog hashtags as this is supposed to be a #fabfriday post.  Sigh.  Anyway, for this post I shall feature the cobalt blue blazer as seen from the cover of MNG's  catalog last season with Kate Moss in it.  It has some gold button details into it and I decided to wear it for a 5-day challenge at work with the gold tip pumps I got on sale from Dorothy Perkins. :)  I failed last Friday!!! :P

#1 Slung over another MNG dress - I got this from their warehouse in Boracay.  It's from seasons ago from Penelope Cruz's collection.  A steal for Php 500.00 do you agree? :)

#2 Paired with a fluted skirt Dorothy Perkins dress (last seen here.)  This was a last minute thing after realizing that the dress was just too plain for work (not to mention a movie date after). :P

#3  Color-blocked with green! ;-) Yes, still with the same shoes here! :P

#4  Worn with a lace coz I was feeling blue on a Valentines Day.  Hahaha!!!  Did put some red details on the lips and inner wears though. :)))))

After doing this I realized thinking of a theme for a week makes it easier for me to decide on my #ootd (outfit of the day).  Haha!! I just finished a black 'n white saga last week and I wonder what'd be up to for tomorrow.  Hmmmmmm..........................

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