Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Do you remember Carrie and her signature white flower dress in the opening of Sex and the City Part 1?

And how I found a somewhat similar dress in Topshop here but held back from buying?  Because I said I was gonna find a cheaper version of it??  Well it's here.  Haha!!  Found it from a mannequin here.

Atleast I thought that was me like a mannequin, lols!  I spotted that dress just as I was about to leave Greenhills during my shopping one time with Mama and Tita. :P  Would you believe the dress costs only Php 500??  And the Topshop one is in 4K!  Yay!!  I'd die if I bought that one.  :))

For the first time, I tried posing infront of my very DSLR.  Remarkable!!  Which unfortunately coincided with the time that after all those numerous poses the shots turned out to be blurry in my laptop!!!  Seriously, I need a fashion photographer.  LOL!!  Thank goodness for editing softwares!!  Tsk, tsk!!

Okay, I got the dress.  I got her Blahniks copycat also here.  Now all I need is some CURLS!!!  Yays!!  I'm this close to getting one.  This close.  Tsk, tsk!!!

Here's my inspiration.  Okay.  Actually at first, I keep seeing her in showbiz gossip sites and I'm not liking her curves but then two of my friends recently told me she reminds them of me whenever they see her on TV so I in turn suddenly got curious about her.  Hahaha!!  I don't know what resemblance they see in Kim Kardashian and me.  It's probably her love for leopard shoes???? :))

But I'm flattered if that's the case.  And I'm beginning to like her already.  Hahaha!!!

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i love lemuelle pelayo