Saturday, December 18, 2010

JKT Day1b: The Foursquare Girls

Oh if you are using the apps in your phone, then add us up. Hihihi. It’s so cool you know, you just check-in if you’re in any establishments then you earn badges and mayorships. Sheeesh, this invitation is no different to those ads saying “Like us on facebook for a chance to win this and that…” LOL!!

Having said that, us girls in Jakarta only have two responses the moment we enter an establishment. It’s either one of these: (1) A delightful “Uy!! May wi-fi!” or (2) A deflated “Ayyy, walang wi-fi.” LOL! And luckily for us, most of the time there is wi-fi available. You know why?? Because JKT is such a Blackberry city!! Everywhere you turn, people are using their BBs! And if you want further proof, one time we checked-in a store, we got this Swarm badge! You get this when 50+ people are check-in in a certain area. Amazing right?? Hahaha!!! Okay, enough of Foursquare!

So for our first check-in, we’re so hungry we didn’t make it farther down Grand Indonesia. Just right down the apartment is a food court. Mostly Indonesian food, we tried our first Nasi Goreng in JKT.

Nasi Goreng

With our tummy’s full (well not really actually we weren’t that much satisfied with the Nasi Goreng alone), we went to our second check-in: Grand Indonesia. Wow, this mall is less than five minutes walk away from the apartment and it’s just well, GRAND! Haha!! it pretty much houses all of my favorite shops and it’s really HUGE! We instantly got carried away when we a saw a red SALE sign at Forever 21. We forgot we haven’t had our shower yet. Yikes! Well atleast Lisa got her CnK shoes already. LOL! And I didn’t get mine because the platforms I want is already the last piece and it has missing studs in it. Which is like – A SIGN! You know, it’s not for me. See? My shopping willpower is improving already. Hahaha!!!

by the stairs - Forever21

We were about to check out of Grand Indonesia when we saw this Red Mango at the ground floor. And since Joy isn’t exactly a paid-up member of the Red Mango Fan Club, Lisa and I tried it out. But we’re disappointed that their mochi is different here. :(
Me & Liz trying JKT's Red Mango

In the absence of “solid” itinerary for this trip, I told the girls beforehand to save two types of clothing: one for swimming and one for party. We intend to go somewhere else tonight (yes, we don’t know where but just somewhere haha!!) but the pool is so exciting it would be a crime not to try it out for the first day. So we took a quick dip. Translation: Have our pics taken with swimwear on in the pool. LOL!

Around 7 or 8 PM, we were back at Grand Indo to find a place for dinner before we head to Shangri-la's club which was recommended at the hostel.  See, from haggardness to freshness galore! LOL!

taken at the escalator :P
Pizza Marzano has this sign about Eat, Pray, Love.  We wonder if it was the actual choice of restau for that movie adaptation.  And hmm, it kind of gives us an idea that since there's not that much sight to see in JKT, we can just eat, eat, eat???  And our appetite seems like it agrees with the plan too!  You can hardly take pictures of the food before it's gone!  Haha!!  I was surprised there was another pasta we ordered and I didn't have a photo of it in my cam!  LOL!!  Btw, their strawberry mint tea is FTW too!! :))

 For our last check-in, its B.A.T.S club in Shangri-la Hotel. Erm, it was one of the itineraries suggested at the hostel.  So we checked it out.  Have some drinks and chil/dance to some music.  We should've known better.  I mean I know from someone here who often goes to Shangri-la to club and well let's just say she's not of our age bracket, if you get what I mean.  :P  Anyways, the band performing as a whole was great.  We can't help but admire the back-up girl singer coz she's sooo cute. :P  And we don't have a pic of her because she's so hyper when she performs all the shots are blurry.  Haha!!

Me, Joy and Liz at BATS Club
I've never felt so small in my entire life! No, I didn't mean someone treating me condescendingly. It's just that one time, Lisa and I made a dash for the loo and man, these people are giants!! I swear!! I mean, most of the time people consider me as the giant but here?? No way!! I just didn't realize they would be so tall because you see from where I took the picture, we were in an elevated position.
Well, okay I was in my pink Tory Burch jelly slip-ons which is soooo not appropriate for the place I should've really bought that platforms in CnK in Grand Indo! Tsk! Which brings me to Point # 2. Can you imagine I only brought two slip-ons (both pink if you must know) for this trip! That is sooooooo not KC right??? Hahaha!!! I know, I know!! I can't resist wearing my Tory Burch's almost everyday because #1 it's expensive I have to maximize its usage, lol! and #2 it's so comfy and so unlike my Havaianas, it doesn't give me allergies. :P I bought it last September as a gift to myself. :P

Tory Burch jellies
Anyway, for some fleeting moment I finally understood the reaction of this college friend of mine during one time I got near her.  It's really not a nice feeling when someone's towering on you, haha!!  But still she should've said it gently you know.
I mean, there she was essentially friendless at college and I asked her to join our group which means she'll have to be with me or us everyday.  And there was this one time I was near her, she told me something like "KC, lumayo ka nga. Nanliliit ako sayo!"  (KC, get away from me.  I feel small when I'm with you - something like that.)  I mean, hello??? Was it my fault that you're insecure with your height I'm tall????  I mean geese if you're uncomfy with me beside you or something, you could have said it in any other nice way.  Just saying.  Oh well....

Oh and yes I won't make such a big deal on that Filipino guy behind us.  Obviously, we talk loudly (and so does he) for him to know we're his "kababayans" but he was just too arrogant to ignore us.  Hmpf.  Shame, he's such a cutie our Filipina beauties were insulted.  LOL!!

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