Wednesday, December 22, 2010

JKT Day2a: Sunday at P.I.

Sunday. I woke up to Taio’s Dynamite – my alarm tone. I prised open an eye to see the two girls still sleeping on the other bed and pressed the snooze button. I dunno for how long did I sleep again but when I opened my eyes again, there was a Caucasian man naked from the waist up putting a T-shirt on. He was actually facing me and it was all I could do to gently roll around and face the wall. Yays!! Not that the abs was bad actually he’s a bit lean, but still………

Oookkkaaaayyy. Before you think of anything else, noooooooooo he isn’t from the club last night. This isn’t some sort of woke-up-with-hangover-who’s-this-guy-next-to-me scene you often see in TV. LOL!! In fact, I’ve never done such a thing. He’s just merely the guy occupying the bed below mine. We’re actually in a mixed bedroom type of apartment and in the other bed was an old Chinese man reading a book. The two girls are gone from their bed also. Hmmm…

When the guy left, I climbed down the bed to find them in the living room. None. I went to the terrace to breathe in some fresh air and found the girls by the poolside on the 10th floor having their breakfast. That’s nice, I thought. They’re bonding on their own. :) I hurriedly prepared myself to join them downstairs.

When we went back to the 19th, the Brit girls from the other side of the room are preparing to check-out so we asked the keeper is it’s possible for us to transfer room so we wouldn’t have to share with anyone. She said yes!! Yes!! * air-punching * LOL!

For lunch, guess what? We’re back at Grand Indo to try their food court. It’s been a while since I had a real good Japanese treat so we opted for this type of cuisine. Specially seeing that their Daisho roll looks absolutely delish!

Daisho roll
And this is me in my bento meal! Dayum!!

It was a good time for Lisa to reconnect with her love for Japanese cuisine. We gathered she avoided eating Japanese since high school. Wow, I can’t imagine a life without sushis, sashimis or makis. LOL!

I dunno why I even hve to keep bringing up on visiting the National Museum when the girls would just like to go "malling". LOL! Across Grand Indo is another high-end mall called Plaza Indonesia and we’d just like to see what this has got to offer.

Curiosity is always my downfall. LOL! I should’ve never stepped foot in there. On the second floor alone, I already bought this long beaded necklace from Aldo accessories. This is the one I kept on vacillating from buying back in PH, haha!! And at Charles n Keith, there was the same pair of platforms – in my size and nooooo it doesn’t have any missing studs in it. Tsk, tsk!!  Joy found a pair to be worn for a wedding too.

the girls in their Sunday dresses at Plaza Indonesia

Wow, you’ll love it in Plaza Indonesia. It’s housing even more shops not found in Grand Indo take for example Christian Louboutins! And there were some leopard boots in display by the window!! Awesome!! Hahaha!! I was absolutely enthralled at the sight of these high-end shoe stores. :P It just made me think if we belong to the same category with Indonesia when it comes to economic status then why don’t we have these shops in the PH? Of course there’s a market to it. And by that I didn’t mean me. LOL! Is it because the filthy rich Filipinos would rather buy them abroad? Or what?? Hmm…

So, to actually keep us from further buying, we stopped by a coffee shop and enjoy the season's offering. The two are self-confessed addicts to Peppermint Mocha while I remain loyal to my favorite bitter sweet taste of Toffee Nut Latte.

at Starbucks of Plaza Indonesia
Wow, "this is really really is it is it" our agenda here in JKT huh?  Eat and shop??? Yays!!

Actually there's one more - and that is to swim.  For tonight, we really intend to stay longer at the pool side.  And on the way back to the apartment, we again checked this ladies' market at the ground floor because Lisa needs some cover-ups for her swimwear.  And that was when we found this Kaftan dress which came out as my dare to the two girls to wear for the next day.  LOL, I don't know what has gotten into me. 

me in my pink Kaftan dress
Actually aside from this, I also found this nice gown in black that is very cheap!  A gown??  What do I need a gown for??  LOL!!  But it's really cheap for a gown you know someday I'm gonna be thankful I bought it.  Hahaha!!!

Shortly we retreated back to our apartment.  Well onto our second day at JKT, broke yet happy.  Hehe. :P


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i love lem pelayo

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CaseyCakes said...
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Anonymous said...

lol that 1st comment was weird..

I freaking love sushi.. I just came back from an all you can eat sushi place with my friend Samantha. By the time we were done, I literally could not button my jacket closed lol..

btw Deng,for xmas I bought my gf Ugg boots and a coach purse.. When she found out I bought her uggs, she threw a fit, and told me to return them cause she hates the color brown on boots.. lol.. fucking girls are ruthless.

stop talking to my mom on facebook lol..