Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Amnesia Girl

FTW!! This movie is winner when it comes to both comedy and drama. You know what, I resented using that acronym (FTW) ever since I came to know its meaning. This is because you see I had a different interpretation to the words when I first came across it.

Erm, god even I get embarrassed saying this but you know the other acronym WTF right? I mean geese I dunno what on earth possessed me to think that FTW stands for the same words only in opposite because it doesn’t make sense. It. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. LOL!! Kasi naman, why do people have to invent these acronyms in the first place? IKR, LOL, FTW, LMAO??? I mean really, WTF?? LOL!!

Anyway, this movie is well onto its fourth week now and I was thankful that for the very seldom times that I opt to watch a local film, my choices didn’t disappoint me. It was actually me who was surprised to see the cinema still a bit occupied at this time. The invitation came from our college friend Plokie who’s here for a short vacation from Singapore.

I have to say I quite underestimated the movie when I saw the trailer. But boy did it leave me crying and laughing last night inside the movie house. Haha!! It’s those little quirks by the main characters that will amuse you (take for example that mini-umbrella produced by Toni/Irene one rainy night) and of course, those never-ending cheesy pick-up lines. Hahaha!!

For me, the guffaw started as soon as JL delivered this line:

“Alam mo, para kang tae… Hindi kasi kita kayang paglaruan.” 

Whoever started to invent these Tagalog pick-up lines anyway??? Haha!! A Tagalog song was already made about them, been a topic in radio shows and more often than not posted as updates in FB and Twitter. (Okay, I’m guilty of the latter, haha!!) You think you’ve encountered a lot but there’s actually quite more in the movie.  I also like how one movie review called the male protagonist as "pick-up line artist extraodinaire".  Hahaha!!

The movie had me crying too because I resonate with the girl’s character. I mean even if it’s been donkey’s years, a heartbreak is still a heartbreak. And what’s worse here is, okay I may be a person who gives out TMI, but this info is rare and I’m not going to volunteer this within the 160 character that is twitter so consider yourself lucky to be reading this. Hahaha!! Okay, what struck a chord the most is that, years ago I myself sooooooo wished I had an amnesia too during my heartbreak stage. I wished for it so hard just in order to be relieved of the pain. Can you imagine how painful was that?? But then of course I wish it were a special type of amnesia wherein only partial memories are deleted from the brain especially the guy in culprit. :P I believe the term is selective amnesia and I think I got it from watching too many Taiwan soap (read: Meteor Garden Part 2). Hahaha!!!

For those who shuns Tagalog movies, give this movie a try. The price is truly worth it. I hope it’s not yet late as they are changing movies on the 25th.  As for me and Joan, we share the same sentiments.  We're lucky were able to catch it on the big screen.  :)

Prior to that, we had dinner at Chili’s where once again I showcased my winning combo of Fajitas/MashPo/Nachos with additional pasta. :P They loved it!  Wow, this is starting to become famous among my friends I have to start inventing a name for the combo.  Haha!!  But I have to give credit where its due and it doesn't belong to me.  :P

CW: Lot, Plok, Joan, Me and Randolph
So I would just like to go back on the topic about pick-up lines (argh, blame it on the movie).  Do you actually use suchlike??  I remember I was flirting chatting to this guy in the States.  A "friend" of mine convincing me a LDR will work....

kc:  i like this convo, wish there's a thumb up button to click...hahaha
guy: haha u fb addict!
kc: hahaha
guy: we got our thumbs up for each other; no need for others to see or comment, haha
kc: oh, just like a fan page then. i will like you and you will like me..hahaha

Gosh, such a flirtatious banter.  LOL!!  I didn't realize that without quite meaning to, I could produce such lines.  Yikes!!  But it's fun noh?  Hahaha!!  But then some of which are just a product of too much emo, e.g.

"Pag wala ka, ang buhay ko parang lapis na hindi pa natatasahan: pointless."

 Or an exercise on cheesiness/humor.  Haha!!

“Hindi ko alam ang katapusan ng universe, pero alam ko, ang simula, U N I.”

How about you?  Have you ever tried such lines?  Or were you the receiving end of such??  Haha!  Do share! :P


Anonymous said...

new photo lemuelle pelayo please

CaseyCakes said...

please add him up in facebook for more photos. or you can google for more pictures. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nachos, pasta, fajitas, and mashed potato on the same plate? WTF?

By the way, where are the pick up lines when you chat with me? Hmmmph... I see how you are.

Nivek said...

Oops, I forgot to sign in.

CaseyCakes said...

you don't like the combo???

picl-up lines?? you don't chat me often.. :P

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