Monday, December 27, 2010

JKT Day2b: Night Swim/ Pisa Kafe

On the JKT preview post, you already saw us having a mini photo-op inside the apartment with our blue, pink and yellow Kaftan dresses. Well it didn’t end there coz more pics were taken by the poolside.
Hmm. I was wondering why we didn’t bring our SLRs along?? Lazy girls. Haha!! We also saw this cute foreign boy passing by the bridge and took a photo with him. Sooo cute!!! I just happen to forget his name. Hehe.  But he kind of looked like Luke-the-Bahay-Kubo-singing-sensation in Youtube noh?  :))

with a cute kid 

Tonight is purely a chillax night by the pool since this is our last night here and there’s nothing wrong with making full use of this amenity. Feels good to burn those calories we’ve been chowing down for the last days. Haha!!

Around 830 PM, when the hunger pangs are beginning to strike, we opted to have try this restau by the pool eponymously named D’Pool CafĂ©. It’s so cool you know you can have refreshments even when half of your body’s soaked in the pool. Erm, what I mean to say is, it’s sooo cold by the time you rise up from the water I need to have something warm. And little did I know that I would find my favorite dish in Jakarta. I was never a fan of Nasi Goreng to begin with. But this Mee Godog Jawa is soooooooooo goooood!!! A symphony of flavors! Yehes, may ganon?? Hahaha!!!

mee godog jawa
I also had some French fries with it and watermelon shake. Wow, whatever happened to our appetite here?? This is gluttony. LOL!! But I think this is nothing compared to the girl’s steaks. Hahaha!!

Full and tired from the night swim, we thought of calling it an early night. Unexpectedly, Joy had some visitor. Finally, her colleague Karlin managed to locate us and she wants to take us around. So by 10PM, we were once again dressed up and she drove us to this very nice place called Pisa Kafe.

With its name taken from the leaning tower in Italy, Pisa Kafe offers an authentic Italian atmosphere and luscious garden oasis just like Italian patio. They’re quite famous for their gelatos, which are being served on one side of the restau along with coffees and sandwiches, but we took them out so we can enjoy the live band playing tonight on the other side.

gelatos at Pisa Kafe
There were sooo many sinful flavors to choose from we had to try atleast a bit three before I picked this next-to-coffee favorite – pistachio! :P The band playing tonight is so good you can tell from the followers they have in the audience. They even have an open mic session and of course the girls would cajole me to sing. Erm, there’s no possible way I’m humiliating myself in Jakarta. LOL!!
CW: Karlin, Joy, Lisa and me in a very feeling cold pose.  LOL!
Their vocalist is a funny guy even though they do jokes in their language. But they do songs in English too take for example his funny dance steps in JB’s Baby!! And the guitarist is cute. Yown!! What’s with men in guitars?? Show me a guy in guitar with long hair and I’ll show you a full-blown crush! Yays!! The girls also have their favorite mini crush among the band. Haha!! So to leave us a little remembrance, Karlin asked the whole band to pose with us at the stage right after their performance.  :P

with the band whose name I also forgot, lol!


Nivek said...

Finally someone else who 3> Pistachio ice cream. EVery one here makes fun of me for it. So you and I can be Pistachio friends. If you ever come to the US, I'll buy you some.

CaseyCakes said...

huh?? really? whats wrong with their taste buds there??? pistachio is lovee!!! yeah sure, one gallon please..hahhaa!!