Friday, November 05, 2010

Sober October

I couldn’t believe it either but yep it’s the correct term to describe how October went for me. I was sober. From what? Shopping. Haha!!

This wasn’t easy you know considering the malls declared a lot of sale in preparation for the upcoming holidays. There were a lot of vacillations, reservations and cancellations and reservations again, hahaha!! Yet, I’m proud to announce that my October shopping involved only this – a pair of shoe. :P (Beat that Wil! Haha!!)

Actually, the honing of the willpower didn’t just develop overnight. Take for example this dress from Warehouse, which I found right after my Singapore trip last July. Got the clue from my nail polish. :P

The color is nice noh?? It would make a really nice office wear. But I tested myself to wait and see ‘til it goes on sale and decide by then. Which happened last month but sadly my like for the dress has diminished already, haha!

Next gallery is a Topshop party dress. I can’t help but fit it right away; it’s a signature Carrie Bradshaw dress!!!

But then my thought that time was that I actually already have that removable brooch (same size from Aldo accessories) and I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune on that asymmetrical dress alone. I mean surely, I can find some cheap alternatives for me to copy the dress right?? Besides, it’s more of a party dress. And you all know that partying is just a thing of the past now. Wahaha!!

So there. Just wanna share this feat of mine when it comes to shopping. I know it’s not really good that I post the pics here knowing that I don’t own the dresses. :P But I reckon it could help in advertising it, lol! Besides to the two abovementioned sister brands, they don’t have to worry coz I rewarded myself with a dress this November. This one also involved a lot of pros and cons analysis while it was being put on reservation for 3 days under my name, hahaha!! It’s again another jumpsuit from Topshop. 


The thing with this is that it’s a crossover between an office wear and a nightwear. I believe that with the proper accessories I can pull it off for both occasions. Again, I love that it has those hip-enhancement cut plus it’s black so I can wear with most of my existing (notice the term? Lol!) matching shoes and bags. :P

And to tell you the main reason for all these saving, it is because I am expecting a lot of expenditures this month of November. Yay! Take for example my flight tonight to Jakarta with the girls! Haha!!

And I'm proud to announce that nothing's new in my luggage.  Oh wait, there's just one teeny tiny one.  Haha!  I'll just tell everything about it when I come back alright?  See ya! ;)

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