Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ADIDAS King of the Road

Straight from my FPPF graduation, I hurried to the gym for a 630 Body Jam class and some treadmill practice. Then at exactly 8 PM, I met my friend Randolph because we’re goin’ to sleepover at Joan’s house in Bicutan for tomorrow’s run.

I was excited to tell Randolph about my achievement that day. I asked him why earlier that day (after lunchtime to be specific) I already received some congratulations from him thru text when I haven’t posted yet anything in my FB or Twitter about the medal. He said he could just tell from my tweets from Thursday night when I was doing the assignment.

Awww, Randolph is such a sweet friend. So confident in me getting an award, hahaha!!! When he announced something like “Ang daya mo, nag excel ka na naman!” That’s the only time I realized that even post our academics there is still some level of competition going on between us. Hahaha!!! Fyi, he took the same FPPF class too (some months ago) but he wasn’t able to attend some sessions and hence graduate. During our licensure examination review days, I was actually secretly glad Randolph didn't make it during the April batch of examinees because of some problems in his birth certificate. Coz if yes, then I will definitely be a notch lower than my ranking then. Nevertheless, he also made it in the Top 10 during the September exam. Anyhoo his ranking is still higher than mine so yeah he beat me in that one, hahaha!!! But atleast I’m not sourgraping like what can I just tell from his last statement. Hahaha!!!

Around 9 PM at SM Bicutan where we were having dinner before Joan pick us up; we took advantage of the free wi-fi to show him my winning piece and ordered him to "like" it in FB. Hahaha!!! Seeing it in his Iphone in full display is so pleasing to the eyes I told him it would make a very nice wallpaper. Hahaha!! Actually, it was just my way of gloating to him. LOL!!

Around 5 AM in the morning, I was again up to my old tricks to rile up Randolph. Anything to get his competitive juices flowing. Of course I have the advantage, I work out in the gym. This is his first time and he did not practice. It was Joan’s first marathon too. But I was already wondering how Randolph would fare; I know he wouldn’t give up on this fight. Haha!!

We arrived early at The Fort and I was thankful coz I was determined to make a really good PR (personal record) on this one before I move on to 10K. I can’t do 5K forever, there always have to be some progression. That elemental desire in man to rise. Yessss, may ganon?? Hahaha!!!

And it helped a lot coz we were so near the starting line. I mean God knows how many people join the marathon it was very hard to excel if you’re at the back coz you have to overtake a lot of runners. During the wait for the gunshot and even after the race, I was elated to have met a lot of people. There were acquaintances and colleagues from school and previous jobs and friends from the gym that Randolph can’t help but blurt out,

“To si KC parang politician.” (You’re like a politician.)

How absolutely apropos for the upcoming local elections on that next day! Haha!! Oftentimes, I would wave to someone familiar, call out after someone I know or even separate from them to talk to other friends. Hahaha!!!

I ahhh wasn’t confident about my performance. Less than 2 minutes during the run and I can already feel myself panting. I didn’t know initially what’s wrong coz I had a good sleep and 10 minutes yesterday in the treadmill wasn’t giving me this gasping for breath. I also had a lot of stops during the run. It was only after the marathon when I realized the cause; it’s that small size of the singlet. LOL! Our friend Bong registered for us 5 (Yess, the Bohol gang is complete in the race!) and he didn’t give any advice that the singlet is quite small. I found it hard to breathe in it.  I only had the chance to fit it in Joan's house coz Randolph kept the singlet.  But the cut was definitely nice. Very tailored for feminine body unlike those other races I joined.

This was taken by another college friend of ours, Lothar’s girlfriend Wena. It wasn’t flattering at all but hey, who needs a flattering shot when you’re in a run??

KC in Action!
Oh wait a minute, kapeng mainit, I definitely know someone. She’s this type of girl who always likes to be pretty in the pictures. When something is wrong with her face, trust her to ask you to comment in her FB just to justify why it is like that! What a superficial creature, thank God I stopped befriending this one! XD

Alright, time for the results! I can’t bloody believe how I performed! 25TH PLACE (for Women’s category).  It was initially 26th but I moved up a notch after 2 days, you can check it here.  This is actually a 4-minute improvement from my last run!

I mean, do you have an idea on the total of women who joined the 5K? It’s 2578. And if you do the statistics, my rank is within the 1% of the batch. Fun-tastic! Haha!!

But then again if you compare the results with the men then definitely it will tell a different story. Which made me wonder, I believe the run would be more fun if they will separate the women noh? Like if I run and I see only a few female ahead of me that will definitely give me some more boost. But then again, I can also derive some inspiration for example the very handsome celebrity Sam Milby (or otherwise known as my ex boyfriend, hahaha!!!!) overtook me in this run. Uhmm, yes I would definitely get some inspiration from that.  Because I need to overtake him to see him up close.  Hahaha!!!

Randolph personally timed his performance thru his phone and he said he did it in 35 mins! This was not bad you know considering he’s not into work-out and it’s his first marathon. I mean, this was my time during my first bandit run last February.

When I tweeted about my result saying I’m 25th, he replied saying I can’t just officially declare that because there were some unknown whose scores weren’t in the list. Sourgraping much?? Hahaha!!! You know why?? It’s coz his time record didn’t make it in the official results. Hahaha!! Maybe he didn’t step on the RF mat properly that’s why there was no record for him. Awww.. Hahaha!!!

Therefore, since there is no concrete evidence, I can't be fully impressed on his performance.  Surely there has to be some CSIs (critical success indicators, hahaha!!).  My 25th place is final and irrevocable.  Sorry Randolph, hahaha!!!

More Pix:

Randolph and Joan
with Aryan

with Lyka
with Lothar

Big shout out to my friend Sam (heartiest congratulations on your engagement) and to all other friends I met in the run who are prolly reading this blog.  Thanks Joan for the sleepover.  See you all on the next run! =)


Nivek said...

Great job on improving your times.

I'm curious, do you run for the fun of it or for the health benefits? My knees prevent me from running or even jogging but I can do hiking and walking. I started because of the health benefits but often go since it is a chance to relax or, when at work, a time for my boss and I to talk and just vent on the crap that we have to deal with. It's hard being in information security where everyone is afraid or doesn't like you. Did I mention that I like to vent in blog comments too? :P

CaseyCakes said...

yes of course for the health benefits..and its fun too you know.. ;)