Monday, November 17, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Philippine Star did a two-page feature on the Innov8 Race held last September. 2 months late but still!! It's me in there, about 7 photos. Hahaha!!!

The exposure's too big to be scanned that I just decided to take a photo using my ever-reliable cam (that is slowly working its way into my bag staples, hehehe). Besides, there's no need to enlarge them. The photos are all available in my Multiply site. (Here and here. ;-)

The best part of this, as compared to the Manila Bulletin a month ago and the Gadgets Magazine is that this one has our names in the caption. Ü Phil Star, thank you. :)

Sorry for making such a fuss about these things. In my new work, there'll be no more events like this. But 's okay. :)

Speaking of which, this is my last workweek in Samsung. Ü Funny how everytime I would ask the bosses to sign my forms for accountability, everyone suspects that I'm really pursuing the craft of modeling!! For reals!! Have they got no eyes?? Haha!!And because explaining my new work will take me more than two sentences to explain, I just kept mum about it. The other one's even pushing me to try and said that engineering is not for me. Tsk!! They're making me blush. Ssshheeesh!!! :D


Nivek said...

Model? Maybe... you do have the show off personality!

Anonymous said...

uhh, wait..just what exactly did u mean with show off?? coz it can be taken as a positive or negative here.. :)


Nivek said...

I mean it in a positive way :P

Would I ever say something about the hottest model I know?