Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Talk About Exposure

Manila Bulletin, Events Section (D-4), September 30. ^^ Hahaha!!! See?? I told you so!!! Hahaha!!! I think this is my 2nd time in this newspaper. Hehehe.

What??? I should've told you earlier so you could've bought your own copies?? Awww, stop it guys you're making me blush. Hahaha!!! Just kidding. ^^

Anyways, there's another one I think for a magazine. ^^ You know what, these papers can just show you the pictures and everything, talk endlessly about the phone but they cannot relate to you the whole happening especially the "twist" in the end of the race which can only come from "yours truly". Hehehe. Or maybe Carlo will do the same also, in his magazine. Hehe.

P.S. Today is a non-working holiday here in the Phils. But what good does it offer when it's all wet and raining hard outside?? Not only that, here I am in my room enduring this pesky cough barking like a dog all the time. *Sigh* So here I am typing away in my laptop and later will join my parents downstairs for a videoke session. Ohh, ggggggggrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaatttt!!! Expect more rain, Manila!! Haha!!! I'll see you all again on Friday and hopefully I'm feeling well by that time to join our company's teambuilding. ;-)

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