Monday, September 29, 2008

Samsung Ultimate Race Gallery #1: Preparation @ Manila Pen

8 teams vying for an 8 megapixel camera phone, the Samsung Innov8. As reported, the preparation was held at the Conservatory Hall of the Manila Pen. It was the most papparazi-filled breakfast I had in my entire life. Haha!!! During the briefing, I learned th- at the teams (each composed of a celebrity, a media partner, a Samsung dealer and a product specialist (yep, this is where we come in ü)) were named after a certain feature of the phone. So here are the teams (pardon I didn't memorize the names of the entire participants so I'll just mention here the celebrities and their assigned specialist. ü)

Team # 1: Asphalt - TJ Trinidad (assigned to Angela)

Team # 2: Face - Paolo Paraiso (assigned to Sir Rommel)

Team # 3: Mosaic - John Hall (assigned to Ms Lyn)

Team # 4: Navigate - Rovilson Fernandez (assigned to Dang)

Team # 5: Panorama - Geoff Rodriguez (assigned to Fred)

Team # 6: Smile - Gary Estrada (assigned to Joy)

Team # 7: Symbian - Tisha Silang (assigned to Leslie)

Team # 8: Wi-fi - Patricia Bermudez (assigned to ME!!! ;-)

Who emerged as the winner?? Stay tuned to find out. :P Btw, our marketing staff already forwarded the pics to the press. Who knows where they could be printed out??? Wahaha!!!

Wi-Fi: de Moi, Patricia Bermudez, Sir Keith Poblete and Adrian Velasco of Bounce Magazine

Of course I know the names of my teammates!! :P Hi Adrian, just in case you might need an article contributor for your magazine. Wahaha!!! :P

Click it here for Gallery # 1 in my Multiply. There's more to come. :D

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