Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tweety Lovers and Women in Black ^^

Everyday is simply a Kodak moment, noh??? And that's the reason why I always bring my V803 with me. Oops, spiel sounds like a testimonial from a customer huh?? Hahaha!!! Gosh, I'm not supporting my company's digicams. Well atleast it's not my department's products. Wahaha!!

Just this Wednesday, me and my favorite girl in the gym Cathy wore our identical Tweety shirts to work out. ^^ We're both Tweety collectors. Hihi.

Apparently it's not only the shirt. We agreed to wear our same pants and rubbershoes. Hehehe. ^^ Thanks to our sponsor Nike. Wahaha!!

Joy has been joining the dance classes lately. Woohoo!! Here we are, the 3 "body-conscious".. :P
This one's with Doc,
Us after dancing, super WASTED!!! I guess that's how effective the workout is, noh?? And the picture-taking didn't end there!! Haha!! The cam whores ham it up this time with the equipments!! Wahaha!!
Eerrr, work it!!! And don't just pose in there!!! Aaarrrghh!! Hehehe.

Then came Thursday. To my surprise, most of the HHP girls are in BLACK!!! I swear we didn't talk about this!! This definitely calls for some photo-ops. MIA here: Ms Jean (also in black but in a meeting with VP) and my two girls Angela and Joy. Tsk!! They didn't receive the voodoo thougthts this morning. Hahaha!!!

Elie, Moi, Lanie, Mye, Steph, Ana, Ms Fe, Raine, Yam and Agnes

Someone from the office quipped that we look like members of a cult. Actually, more like commercial models for CLEAR (anti-dandruff shampoo)!!! Duh??? We're all too pretty to belong to some weird groups. Hehehe.

Pics from the race already complete!!! :D Will give you the blow by blow next week. Enjoy that weekend!! =)


Anonymous said...

lol you guys are such cam whores.. Were you doing a photo shoot in the gym? Looking at one of the pics, It reminded me of the song "Hips don't lie" by Shakira. good job :D

Currently in Angor Wat, about to leave for Phnom Penh today..


Anonymous said...

thanks!! we do acknowledge it..ahahha!!! what shot???

wow!! so far having fun huh??? :D


Anonymous said...

The 2nd and 3rd pic..
I got pick pocketed awhile ago.. :(
They just stole my cell phone, so it's all good.. I was planning on upgrading to a Blackberry anyways so this just gave me an opportunity to go for it..

I'm currently in Ho Chi Minh/Saigon, and will be in Tokyo in 2 days..
So far I've controlled my shopping a bit. I've just bought silk PJ's, hiking shoes, and 1 fitted suit.

Yes.. I'm having a blast :)