Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He Will Be Missed

He calls me gorgeous. Well actually not that he uses it as a nickname (^^), he just used that adjective to describe me. Hehe. Of course it’s not the reason why I’m allocating a space about him in here (and the Victoria Beckham comment also ^^), y’all know how I make it a point to write about special persons in my blog.

Among the flock of Korean engineers that come here every now and then, Brian was singular. He made such an impact so big that if we could only ask the bosses in Korea that he replace the next RnD that will be assigned here, we will. The impact is palpable not only to the technical team or to the whole mobile phones department but the whole SEPCO marketing itself you’ll be surprised he even received a farewell gift from one of the product manager from the other department. Not even David came this close although I may say he was a definite second.

Maybe it was his charming ways with people. Although the first time Angela and I set eyes on him, it had both of us talking how just a tweak here, a facial in there, a haircut and he could be the very star of his own Korean drama. Haha!! Of course there was still the language barrier (though he was just studying to improve himself) but he seemed to know everyone in the company and offered greetings or exchange small talks with them. He could move with such ease among that many people without appearing the least bit insecure. Heck he even had a quite heated up argument with Sir Rommel about a certain issue and after some time the latter warmed up to him and even gave a special gift to him before he left. ^^ But most of all, he’s special because the kind of person that I am when I’m with him. :P

I guess he’s just the type of the person that I’d love to annoy because I’m sure that he will not get mad. Actually, annoy is not the proper term but in Tagalog we call it “kulit” (yes, another one of those without direct translation. :P). There was a time when he just went away for a smoke and I changed his fonts in his IM. Not just a simple change mind you, it was a 14 pt, BOLD, screaming PINK Tahoma. Oh, how I laughed in my desk when he noticed it just when he sent his first PM to me. Haha!! Another scenario was when he came back to the room looking at me like a suspect then waving his SGH-F480 to me. I changed the wallpaper to a group picture of us (Angela, Joy and I). Hehehe. There’s still the usual dibs on her English lessons of course and to sustain his learning sometimes I ask him nonsense questions (the next one more inane than the previous) and the hypothetical ones. =P One time there was a palm reading session because I showed him who Madam Auring is (haha!!), said he also knows something on that studied my palms and told me that only two men will come into my life. He knew about the ex-bf (duh, who else hasn’t?? haha) and likewise on his ex-gf. I asked him how many has he left and he said he’s got three more. Then came the next query what does my parents think of having a non-Filipino bf. Of course, it’s silly of me to think that there’s something more to that??? Right??? Hahaha!!!

On my birthday, his last dinner, I gave him a book so he can continue on with his learning. Aside from that he received quite a number of gifts from everyone and was overwhelmed with the affection from everybody. Yeah he will definitely be missed and craved for just like the Starbucks frappes he often brings to us after lunch. ^^

Hancock with his angels, wehehe

with his spiky hair cut, on the way to Minato.hehe

On another note,

SinceI just dedicated a whole 6 months (30 installments) of writing a travelogue that not-really-revolved about him :P, I felt quite responsible to update you with another someone that for sure will be sorely missed. Last week I received a farewell email from Samuel expressing his intentions of moving company. Yes!! It's Samuel the most-handsome-man-my-eyes-have-ever-clapped-on. His last day was yesterday. *boo hoo* Positive news though, I'm not going to write another thingy like this about him. I'll save you the boredom. :P


Nivek said...

Sounds like you're in love!

Anonymous said...

oh no kevin!!! i can assure you i;m not.. :)