Monday, September 22, 2008

When You Hoard

- You do it during sale. :D
- You do it in multiple colors.

Hmm yeah this is the aftermath of the end of season sales that occurred sometime this year (lasted for more than a month I think). Tsk!! Warning: this post is image heavy!!
Ok, I know black is really not a color. But let me just point out that I love the timelessness of anything that's black from Mango. I can wear them forever!!! I love the way these items hug my body. I love everything about Mango!!!! Hahaha!!!

- As for the items in blue, I dunno but I just love white and blue for my sporty items. That's one quirky thing about me. :P Sorry I don't have pics for the items coz ya know, I'm too cool to take pics in the gym. Ahaha!!! J/K. ^^

- When item is not in sale, still you insist justifying that the top is a wise buy since it can be paried with most of the bottoms in your wardrobe. Hehehe.

- But my most favorite is that one with the white skirt. Here's a candid pic taken by Mr. Back when someone brought her pet rabbit in the office. Hehe. The hare reminded me of my same pet when I was a kid named Cathy, Lem has also one in black or gray and he was named Patty. :P

- Of course you just don't do it for clothes only. Are you kidding me?? That would be a big BIAS!! Haha!! Take a look at my new lovely ladies. Hihi.
This is just a little short story on my lady A and the benefits of being a mall “wanderer”. Hehehe. I’ve been eyeing that stilettos from a shop for sometime now and I’ve been hesitating to buy it. For something like that’s so “film-like” (artistahin as my Tita put it), the price is not practical for the very few times that it would be used. But then one ordinary window shopping day, I found that pair in a different shop (weird!!), it’s so similar and the item is on “SALE” and not only that, it has the biggest size (a very rare scenario and I took it as a sign from heaven that it’s really for me, haha!!). My quick math computation told me that this price is 70% off the original and so the rest is history.

As for gallery B above, let me just point out the disadvantage of being with a model-like framed friend. You see, I already have that item in brown color and I wasn’t supposed to buy that coz it doesn’t appeal that much to me. But when Raine fitted it (the brown one) in her LBD, it had me asking the lady to ask for my pair. Yes it was on sale when Raine and I bought the item and I’ve been enjoying the peep-toe thank you very much. Another visit to the shop last time exposed this red lady to me and a closer look revealed that it’s even reduced to about 75% off of the original price. I guess it’s a sign of addiction that I went for it even if I already have another pair of the same type. :P

As for the last one, it’s not on sale but every model (frustrated if I may add in my case :P) must have Mary Janes. Simply put, haha!!

I know that what with my already tall (for the average Filipina) frame and my fear of varicose veins, I really should be avoiding high heels but what’s a girl gotta do????????

Of course they've been worn already. :P

Lastly, something fresh from the grill ( as in outfit today, haha!!), another 50 off-er trench coat. ^^ Because there's again the typhoon, hahaha!!! :P
I really wish I could have nice background for the pics to emphasize the items. *sigh* I know I shouldn't be posting about this when I've just done Part 1 of the race. There were 11 CDs for the whole event and so far we only have the first two. Sad.

Aside from some of the cons that I've partly mentioned in here, do I have to emphasize that hoarding is bad for your finances??? Yeah it really is. LOL!!!


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Nivek said...

Hey KC,
I remember you always talking bout your grammar and proper English. Take a look at this since I'm sure you'll get kick out of this post. It is from the blog "Stuff White People Like."

I liked when you used to post full-sized pictures you could click on. That way I could actually see with my old eyes.

Nivek said...

By the way, I posted a new post on my blog. It has been a long time since I did anything.

Anonymous said...

hi rgapeli!! thanks for dropping by, will email u soon..^^


Anonymous said...

hey Kevin!! always nice to hear from u..its been a while!!! anyways, will visit ur site and that one u referred me too..^^