Friday, September 19, 2008

Tagalog 101

Talk about long overdue post. This is the topic that I’ve long wanted to post in here but just couldn’t find to finish in one sitting. Boy was I happy that Chico and Delamar talked about this in their morning FM show and I participated in the discussion. Haha!! This could’ve been an “August special post” (Geese, I don’t know why I trouble myself with coming for such concept. :P) but it was our country’s Buwan ng Wika ( now how do I translate that. Month of Language?? I have no idea!) and as a citizen of course I’m proud to show to the world just how beautiful our language is.

Today, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to talk about Tagalog words that don’t have exact English translation. I admit, sometimes I really do have a hard time translating some words to make it understandable to uhmm the audience below (see pic). :P Chico and Del were right. These words come really close to the heart because they’re integrated into the Filipino culture. Right??? Right!! :P But since this is not a learning site (much like those you browse for useful phrases when you visit a new country :P) I’m just going to talk about those words that were already used/will be used here in my blog. Wow!! Talk about altruistic causes huh? Hahaha!!! I only came up with Top 5 (not Tough Payb!! :D) because explaining them already takes more than one sentence to explain. Anyways, here goes:

(1) Kilig. A feeling very common for girls (for me!! haha!!). It’s that certain feeling of excitement when something romantic is happening. Usually felt when there is a development between her and whoever she is crushing on. Example: My crush asked me out for a coffee. Kinikilig (present tense, not kilig-ing :P) ako!! Thrilled, excited, tickled pink may come close but it’s like everything combined with a romantic aspect into it. Gosh, I so hope I made it clear. :P

(2) Tampo. I always thought that sulking is the exact equivalent of this word but I was wrong. I’m not exactly sure if this is peculiar to Filipino culture but this is the feeling you feel when you felt that feeling you’ve never felt before. Hahaha!!! Just kidding. Hmm, a very good example would be when my best friend came here in the Philippines for a month and I only saw her for 3 days because she has to spend time with another cousin of her coming here. I felt “tampo” because there’s this certain feeling of hurt in me that she prioritized the cousin, I’m not exactly mad at her and the tendency here is to shun myself away from her but it will be eased once something is done like saying sorry or it will just naturally pass away for a few days. It’s like a temporary hurting feeling. Maybe that’s why it’s called tampo, because it’s tempo and not perma??? Ahahaha!!! :D

(3) Sablay. When a cager threw a shot and he missed it, we call it sablay. When a student fails a certain subject, we refer to it just the same. But for men, I found this very interesting description from a website, “Hari ng Sablay" (King of Sablay) is a guy who never quite gets it right, who has the best intentions, but is always off-center with everything, it may pertain to actions, sentiments or just about anything. Generally, they are seen as clumsy or dumb in some aspects.” This is one reason why I admire those persons who really has a way with words. ^^ A loser, screw up, a failure can come close but it’s really different when we call it Sablay in Tagalog. :P Now you understand when I say that I’m the female equivalent when it comes to love, the Reyna ng Sablay. Wahaha!!! Geese, do I really make fun of situations where I have absolutely NO control of????

Okay, pause first. Guys, how am I holding up as teacher KC?? Hahaha!!! Come on, I did my research!!! You’ve got to give me credit for it. =P Moving on,

(4) Baduy/Jologs. Like sablay this is I think another Filipino slang but this one is more of a subjective word. Before this term only means something unfashionable which is of course depends on one’s personal choice. However, the word took on a larger meaning by associating it with doing something cheesy, low-class or uncouth. This is a term I don’t have problems being referred to like how I’ve admitted in my post below that Vince Hizon is the cover of my Filipino notebook when I was a sophomore. =P It’s like something that you’re not really proud of doing but it’s a secret pleasure or addiction. Aargh!! This one’s tough. For me, I believe that there’s a little kabaduyan in all of us. Haha!!

(5) Sayang!! A general expression for something wasted. For example, rotten food that will only be thrown to waste. We express, Sayang!! Also blurted out when you are mere 5 seconds late for the train, a could’ve been good opportunity (career) that you just missed, meeting someone when you’re already committed (lovelife =P yeah there’s even a song that has that title).

Whew!!! I hope some of you benefited from today’s lesson. Aahaha!! OMG!!! Our national hero Jose Rizal will be proud of me for doing this!!! Ahahaha!!!

Anyways, speaking of translations and everything, what’s your take on those Tagalized versions of Billboard hits like Rihanna’s Umbrella, Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love, Fergie’s Clumsy and many more??? No offense but don’t you think they’re B-A-D-U-Y??? I mean yes they’re in our own words (as in literal translation how about that!!!) but of course there’s also this thing called O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L-I-T-Y right???

Anyways, don’t you ever think you’re going to escape on this. Coz like any other lessons, you also have to your homeworks to use those words in a sentence and use the comment section below. Ahahaha!!! International viewers, this is homework #1. Hahaha!!!

Just kidding. I just hope this post somehow helped you or added some "pertinent" info. Hahaha!!! Meaning, the next time I use them here you must already know what they mean okay??? Haha. Class dismissed!! :P

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