Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Samsung Ultimate Race Part 1 (The Vince Hizon Madness!!)

Call time: 8 AM Manila Pen!! My golly!!! That’s too early!! Since I was on leave the day before, I finished with Angela in the phone around 12 AM hashing and rehashing all the things I missed during the final meeting. Honestly, I was hurt that the final pairing was changed and I will be teamed up with a female celebrity since according to the boss it will be for the best. I might “not be able to concentrate” during the game if I was to be paired up with a guy. :(

Not anticipating the event anymore, I asked Angela to wake me up in the morning. Poor girl!!! :P I’m such a drag!! Haha!! The idea of this “Amazing Race” I learned came from the “creative people” of Samsung Vietnam where at first I thought of cursing due to the amount of workload we all had to endure 2-3 days prior the event but then now consider thanking for coming up with such “innovative” (since it had to match the phone :P) concept. Fickle!! Haha!! :D

But then again all the soreness disappeared once we were already having breakfast in The Conservatory of the Peninsula Manila and the celebrities (MALE!!) were all arriving one by one!! Ahahaha!!! A quick recap of my male (of the finest specie!!) encounters revealed that yeah, I might not be able to perform during the race since now I’m only seeing them from afar and I’m already gushing about them, I mean how much more if I got stuck with them inside the provided van during the game proper??? Ahaha!!! Oh what the heck, I’ve confessed here a thousandth times that MEN are my Achilles’ heel. Hahaha!! So I guess yeah, this is all for the best!!! Ahahaha!!! :D

with our Amazing Race 3 rep in the background :P

After a hearty breakfast, we were already instructed to proceed to our designated table to get to know our team. One team is comprised of 4 individuals: a celebrity, a media partner, a Samsung dealer and a product specialist. I learned that my celebrity partner will be Ms Patricia Bermudez. Honestly, I don’t have any idea who she is but of course I was informed that she’s doing the sportscasting for PBA and is the wife of the ex-PBA cager Vince Hizon. Come to think of it, it was only that week when I learned that Vince didn’t end up with the equestrienne he was dating before. And this considering that I crush him when he was still affiliated with Ginebra before. Ms Patricia welcomed me with a warm smile as I approached our table in the center, right infront of the podium.

But when I saw the man on stage, I was like “OH!! EM!! GEE!!! Vince Hizon is here!!!” I mean, VINCE HIZON!!! The guy whom I had an ENORMOUS crush on when I was in my sophomore!!! I can’t believe he’s here!!! My gosh!! Call me jologs, baduy and everything I don’t care!!! His picture is the cover of my huge notebook for Filipino subject in 2nd year. It’s that notebook where Tagalog literature is all about “Florante at Laura” and our teacher asked us that we keep our notes artistic and colorful!! Seeing his picture is my source of inspiration when I was studying. Call me lunatic but I was the lead of that subject. :P He’s one of the reasons why I love the number 12 (well, aside from the fact that I find most of the cute cagers use that number :P). He’s also a factor for starting loving the said sports when I was still young!!! Migosh!!! I can’t believe I’m gonna have the chance to meet him!!! It’s like…..like meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife. And isn’t it ironic?? Don’t you think??? It’s like re-hi-yey…oooookkkaaayyyy.. Enough! :P I’m just too ecstatic to see him, he will be hosting the event. :D

Vince "The Prince" Hizon

Moving on, there was a very brief tutorial on some of the phone's features conducted by our PM Raine. After which we were then provided with everything we'll need for the race: our shirts, towels, raincoats (a typhoon is threatening the success of the event) and a mini bag with alcohol and bottled water. Before we were instructed to leave the hotel in a hurried but civilized manner (haha!!), the photogs requested for a group pic first. :P Can you find me?? ;-) Most of the celebrities (hunks!!!) are at the back. Come on ladies, widen your eyes!!! Hahaha!!!

Don't worry though. I'll be posting the pics in my Multiply for a better view. ^^ I'll talk about the grouping, the celebrities and the race on my next post. Don't miss it!! :D

** Yeah while I was doing this, I made a quick Google of Ms Patricia and learned that Vince's proposal to her was historical since it was done during a halftime break in the Cuneta Astrodome. Since when did I become so outdated??? The review for the board exams could only be the acceptable excuse. :P And then I did what any normal sane person would do(jealous if i may add, haha!!), I Youtube'd it. But there's none in there. Anyways, that was one romantic moment!! :P **

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