Thursday, October 02, 2008

Samsung Ultimate Race Gallery #2: 1st to 4th Pit Stops

Ready, Set, Go!!!! Although we were advised to leave the Conservatory Hall with as much grace as possible, everybody was too much "game" and "eager" to mind the throng of diners down the lounge of the Peninsula Manila. Hmm, I wonder if we scared them off. Imagine the sight, 32 people dressed in black hurrying down the stairs straight out of the hotel. Remember the last disaster on that hotel?? Hehe. Outside we found the van that will take us to our destinations, Toyota Innova. Wow, it really matches the phone right?? Hehehe.

So the clue to the 1st destination was already given in the hotel. It's a recreational park named after an old king and the area faces the sea. Of course even if the instructions said we are to use the phone's GPS, everybody's too smart to know that it's the Rajah Sulayman Park along Roxas Boulevard. And I believe that the 1st thing everybody contemplated upon diving inside their respective vans is much the same as what we mulled over: the less traffic-infested way to get there faster than anyone else. =P

Btw, I told you before that we went through all the pit stops two days prior to the event. Yes we're part of the team but we're not supposed to help them in any other way besides some technical problems on the phone (which is less likely to occur of course ;-). Actually even assisting them on the phone wasn't allowed since they were given a brief tutorial during breakfast. So, the gallery will give you proofs if we cheated or not. Hahaha!!

I decided to split the pit stops into two separate posts since I don't have that ample time to finish them all. ^^ Still have our company activity later on. Here are the 1st - 4th pit stops and a short explanation of the feature of the phone that will be highlighted on the task per pit stop. Clues to the next destination will only be sent via Bluetooth by the assigned marshalls once you presented to them whatever the task it is that you finished.

1st stop: Rajah Sulayman Park along Roxas Boulevard. Use the auto-panorama feature of the phone by taking 8 shots of the view. In using auto-panorama, you don't have to position the phone from the end of the last shot you took. You just have to glide the phone to the right and it will take and stitch the shots for you. ;-)

2nd stop: P. Taylo Street in Makati. There we will visit the Samsung Fun Club site using the phone's 3G connection. Under a certain tab we are to look for the Wushu procedures and imitate one of those. Of course, it will be evidenced by a shot using the 8 Megapixel camera of the phone.

3rd stop: Power-Up Silvercity in Tiendesitas. Wall-climbing!! Grab a flag that can be found at the top of the wall and take a picture of it using the Smart Reader of the phone. Smart Reader is an application of the phone where you can just take shot of a person's calling card, recognizes it and automatically saved the contacts, email address, fax on to your phonebook. ;-)

4th stop: Philippine Army Headquarters at McKinley Taguig. We are to witness the smile shot and frame shot of the camera. Smile shot is one feature of the phone wherein it automatically takes a shot of your subject once it detects a smile from him or her. You can try it by frowning first and once you smile, it will take it for you without you pressing the shutter. I mean, yeah that's the meaning of automatic right?? Hahaha!!

I'll take about the next 4 stops next time. Those are just some of the phone's features for you. Did I hear you're impressed already?? Haha!! More to come. And for those of you who are familiar with the locations, I believe you'll come to the conclusion that the 1st half of the race is already exhausting. Hehehe. But it was a lot fun!! I hope I can get to share my personal experience some other time. :)

Lots of action (running, rain, hotness) HERE!! Okay guys, just help yourself. :)

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