Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jane of the Jungle

Happy Thursday!!! ÜÜÜ Someone’s being a sunshine this morning. :):):) Oh give me a break guys I was down last weekend. So by the looks of this introduction, you’ll be able to deduce that KC’s up to nothing for today. Hehehe. As usual, I’ve nothing to say but have got something to show. :P

Like I said it’s my last workweek and given the new work conditions, I’ve been dressing to kill lately. Kill because someone needs a license to wear the leopard shoes I blogged about last time. Haha!! So I think this would have to be the style I’ll imprint on Samsung folks before I go. Hehe.

That shoe definitely picks some colors to be paired on. It was hard coming up with anything on my wardrobe other than the basic colors. :P

I’m not sure I saw this on the upcoming trends but it seems like I’m still in a Safari mode. Last Saturday I indulged myself into some retail therapy and look!! There’s a 50-off-er bag in one of my favorite shops. A zebra print bag!!! :P I first thought of pairing this up with the leopard shoes what with the colors and everything but figured it would be too much. No??

And then I saw again the item on the right and fell in love with its print. :P Besides, it’s too big, like really really BIG that I can use it in my upcoming trips. :) It’s a cow print!! Haha!! :P

Well anyways, for sure this is the part that everybody will miss about me. In the past one and a half year, I’ve earned a lot of titles in the office ranging from “First Lady”, “Muse”, “Style Guru”, “Roadshow Girl”, “Nangkakabog” and everything. But I don't think I deserve them. In the light of what I've just shown, I think it’s best that my title would have to be “Jane of the Jungle”. Hahaha!! But wait a sec, a cow does not live in the jungle right?? Hmmm.

Note: No animals were harmed in the purchase of these items. Hehehe. Or was it?? :D

On an entirely different note, someone’s debuting a brand new hairdo this week. Hahaha!! This is my part of saying goodbye to Samsung with a BANG!! With a bang daw oh?? Hahaha!!! Ayylaavveeeettt!!!

Well I have to admit that the treatment was a bit long overdue. It's just that I'm still nursing my hairfall for the last months. But now it's okay. This will be my new modeling project after Samsung. Hahaha. So move over Nicole Scherzinger. Here comes the new image model of your shampoo.

It’s time to change things.

It’s time to move on.

It’s time…

For CLAIRE. Wahaha!! :D


Nivek said...

I got myself into trouble last time so I better not comment on this one :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin!! I know u dont mean anything bad when u said that..ur comments are always welcome, positive or negative.. :)