Monday, November 24, 2008

I Love This Show: the ASAP '08 Audience :P

Who else saw me on TV yesterday?? Who else?? Hahaha!!! :D It was a late Saturday night I was lying in bed ready for a facial treatment when I received a text from Cathy asking me if I want to watch ASAP with her. JT (thanks to his celebrity connections Ü) was able to get access to the said show. Well, it was kind of late notice but then I’m disappointed that she did not only consider that I would turn down the invitation, she even verbalized it!! :P My gosh, am I going to pass up on that?? Even with the risk of having a reddish face the next day, I replied to her: Cathy, I’m there!! I’m SOOOOOO there!! Ü Ü Ü

Having been an audience before, of course I already know what to do next to get that 1-second worth of TV exposure. Haha!! Before when I was an audience of MTB (Magandang Tanghali Bayan – the noontime show before Wowowee), I accidentally learned that by exaggerating a certain reaction you will get that camera exposure. It’s not really that I did it on purpose but the act was gross in its own – like a toothless granny eating the marshmallow necklace hung on an artist. Yikes!! The next day, the moment I entered the school, I met a classmate of mine already greeting me about what he saw in TV. :D

Now upon observation, I also realized that you can get that coveted spotlight if you have a pretty friend beside you. :) And that’s Cathy for you!! Ohmigosh, I’m such a famewhore!! Hahaha!! But the problem is, JT’s “PR skills” only afforded two persons to be seated infront and he and I were on the 4th row right side of the stage to give way to Cat and Rose. Darn!! (Btw, my hats off really goes to that man!! If not for him, we would’ve been seated at the last row. He’s really the best “negotiator”. You’ll learn more when I blog about our gimmick last Friday in Bureau. :P ) Good thing somebody needed a reminder. I was seated next to a woman probably in her mid-forties and next to her is a granny (her mom). During the rehearsal where celebrities were just out and about the stage,

Woman (in her Batangueno accent): Ala eh hindi ko alam kung san ako titingin eh!! (I’m confused as to where I’m going to look at.)

Granny: Oo nga eh. Lahat sila magaganda eh. (Yeah, all of them are pretty.)

KC turns to them and smiles.

Granny to KC: Ikaw din maganda ka eh. (You too are pretty.)

KC: *blushes*

Whaaaat??? Oh come on, you’ve got to give it to the granny!! She’s wearing an eyeglasses for crying out loud!!! Hahaha!!! :D

Well that was a little confidence booster!! :P Our timing was kind of fortunate. There will be a boxing match that will occupy an hour and a half of the show’s slot before the “live” run and they have to tape performances for the next week since it will be a holiday. Spoiler ahead: Billy Crawford will open next week’s show. After his performance,

JT (in his usual American accent): Oh no we’re featured on TV.
KC: Really?
JT: Yeah. Did you see the red light when the cameraman passed here?? It’s on when the light is red.
KC to herself: Oh yes!! Hahaha!!! :D

After some time when we we’re already viewing the live part, there’s another trick I learned. Just be yourself. In that musical where Gary V and Arnel Pineda (Bravo, Bravo!!) were doing a duet, I just allowed my love for music fill up my whole being. I just heartily sang along my favorite songs and voila!! A star is born!! Ahahaha!!! I instantly received a text from a friend confirming if I was the one he saw. Hahaha!!! Mission accomplished. Wahaha!!! Joke!! :P But then it occurred to me,

KC: You said we were already featured before the live portion right?
JT: Uh, yeah. Why?
KC: Oh no. I'm gonna be seen again in the same outfit. :P

Hahaha!!! :D I hope somebody uploads a video of their song in Youtube. I just wanna get a glimpse of how I looked like. They said you’re fatter when you’re on TV right?? Tsk!! Haha!! But then if not, JT already asked his brother in the US to record the show and he’ll send it over probably next year. :P

So, do I even have to say why I loooooooooove this show?? One word: TALENT!! This is the REAL home of the Filipino talents. The rival station??? CHEAP. :P:P:P Like duh??? :P

Another thing I noticed is that the celebs here are real entertainers. I mean, not only will you get amused at them in their live performances but even during commercial breaks the goofy guys will still keep you laughing. Vhong, Billy, Luis and the rest – they’re soooo FUNNY!! In fairness, the show runs for about 3 hours and no foods are allowed inside PLUS the fact that you have to be there an hour and a half earlier. Well, they gotta make sure we’re entertained. I have a thing for funny men!! :P

But they don’t need any effort though; just the sight of the hotness that Papa Piolo and John Lloyd are is already enough. Geese, who’d squealed?? I think that I just lost all my attempts at coolness and that JT nearly damaged his eardrums with my screaming. Hahaha!!! Forget Sam coz I already have a pic with him, but the tanned-ness of the hotness of the yummy-ness of Piolo Pascual!!! OMG!! That's just too much!! The three of us had a picture with him but it’s in Cathy’s cam. Aaargh!!! Just wait for the album in my Multiply. Meanwhile, this is just what I captured. Yup, I was on the edge. Near on that mini platform where they use to do the hosting. :P
Sam, Erik, Christian and the one and only Papa P. Hihi

I forgot to mention that another reason why I watch this show is to look out for the latest styles. :P The dresses, the styles, the platforms, the stilettos and aaarrrrgh!!! Those boots, boots, I want!!! Iya, Bea, Tony and Maja's shoes-es..hehehe

I also observed some celebrities getting tired also during the break what with their hectic skeds and all and yet be amazed with how they deal with the audience. But then again there are some who clearly showed a hint of “bitchiness” in them and I’m so glad that I don’t really like her in the first place. :P It’s just sad Sarah G. wasn’t there as well as Kim and Gerald. I like them. Ü

There were still four more musical to tape when the live show finished but we’ve been exposed enough (especially Cathy!!!), it’s bad for the health. Hahaha!!! Actually, at 4 PM we’re ravenously hungry. There’s relatively no signal for most of the networks inside the studio (except for one, hehe) and when we we’re out, there came a flurry of texts on our phones regarding the “quick feature”. And this just proves that ASAP is really the undisputed number ONE variety show during Sunday. :P Yeba!! :D

Cat and Me

with Maja, Bea and Toni

Me, Rose, JT and Cathy (with my Toffee Nut Latte, haha)

So note: We’re still gonna be aired on Sunday. Haha!! I hope my flight isn’t on that day yet. Tsk! I love this show!! I LOVE ASAP!! Ü Ü Ü


Anonymous said...

nice! You partied with my wife Bea; too bad I wasn't there lol..


Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! u are one polygamous man!!

u like Bea?? she's BIG.. :P

but yeah she's really pretty.. :)

Anonymous said...

define big? lol.. C, DD, .. etc hahah

deng, you need glasses cause she's perfectly sexy. Maybe for an asian she's big lol, but having junk in the drunk is fantastic.


Anonymous said...


BIG like a little dieting should do her good. :P