Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Famewhoring 101

(title as suggested by Rai-yan.. :P)

Okay. First off, I think I need to say a few words on my behavior on the following clip which I’m about to show you.

(1) I was blown away!! It was my first time to hear Arnel Pineda live and I was soooooo impressed. No wonder he made it BIG in Europe!! I’m a convert. Hehehe.
(2) Pain In My Heart is one of my old time favorites – especially during the you know, break-up stage. I heart that song. On the other hand, please don’t ask me why I like Please Don’t Ask Me. Ok?? ;-)

So I’d like to show this vid to share Arnel Pineda’s talent. Filipinos are simply the best when it comes to singing. ;-)

Now what will I ever do without Youtube?? Man, they sure are fast!! Like Monday morning, the vid is already available with almost a thousand views. Yikes!!!

Note: You are about to see an unsightly creature on the 1:13, 4:23 and 4:33 mark. It’s awful!! Haha!! Now I’m ready to cringe. Yay!!

Last tip: Befriend the cameraman. Haha!! Well, he was kind to begin with. And he was a bit sad we had to leave early. :P

I don't have too much time to post the album for now. But I'm eager to share this pic with Papa Pi. Hihi. *blushes*

i told u i just came from a facial right?? hehe :P

I tried to imitate JT's PR skills (or was it rubbing off on me?? hehe) and talked to these two old ladies seated beside Cathy. I learned that they've been watching ASAP live for six years. They always get these seats infront and the celebrities already know them. Wow, talk about some SOLID fans there, huh?? I asked for Tita's number and hopefully I can score some seats next time. Hehe. :P

Sigh. My flight is sometime in the afternoon this Sunday. I might not be able to catch the show. :(


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lol what a cam whore. congrats i think haha..


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