Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday Gimmick: Bureau

Way to celebrate my last day in the office - a night out with gym friends. Hehehe. We had some Japanese delicacies at Oki oki in A. Venue first for dinner. We learned that there's an event in the club til 11 PM and while waiting for Geoff, we checked around the venue for some place to stay at.

Since we expect some heavy dancing after the event, we opted for a place where we can just chill while waiting. JT's PR skills as always landed us the whole 3rd floor of Gastoff for ourselves. VIPs eh?? Haha!!

These are the folks:

Joy - Mukha lang hindi umiinom. She doesn't look the part of a heavy drinker.

Cathy - Hindi naman kaya pero inom ng inom. Cathy usually calls the toasts, tries all the drinks then her whole body turns red after, gets dizzy and takes some time before she recovers.

KC - Mukhang lang umiinom pero patikim tikim lang. Hehehe. :D My style is to let them order the drinks, join the toast then just sip a few. Haha!! I just let the others finish off what's left of my shotglass. Drinking is really not my thing. :P

And for that JT actually has officially given me the moniker KJ (killjoy) and not KC. :P

You know what you do when you occupy the whole floor of a certain bar right?? You just simply play around. Haha!! We figured we'll make good use of the curtain as a backdrop and posed ala Charlie's Angels. Hehehe.

And yes, we made fun of the camera, the paintings and the lemon too!! Sshhheesshh!! What a bunch of LOSERS!! Hahaha!! :))

At long last, Geoff has arrived around 10:30 PM!! Just in time before Cathy turns from charmingly buzzed to loudly drunk. Hehe.

JT was able to talk to the bouncer and got us all straight to the club (avoiding the queue) with escort from the said bouncer upstairs. Impressive!! Haha!! I don't think the drinking did any good prior to the party since I felt sleepy after. Meanwhile, the effect is the other way around to Cathy as she danced like there's no tomorrow. Haha! :D

A blogspot reader named Jamaica (nice name btw and yes I make it a point to "special mention" commenters here to encourage readers, haha!!) asked me about some nice places in Makati to hang out. Well you can try it here, the place is nice especially the ladies' room. Feeling expert, yay!! Haha!! But honestly that time I got bored because of the crowd. It's one of my defining factors. Or maybe it's because of the event coz most of the people are still college students.

After, we headed to Coffee Bean to sober up. We had a feast of cakes: Blueberry cheesecake, Toblerone cake (soooo good you must try!!) and Sans Rival.

Btw, did you notice that all the girls came in shorts?? Who's idea was it?? Hahaha!! I just told them to match my newly bought black jumpsuit. Hehe. :P Well atleast theirs offer no discomfort whenever they need to go to the ladies' room. Coz I wasn't able to estimate the hassle of removing all the buttons first when I need to pee when I bought it. Tsk!! Here it is:

Twilight tonight?? ;-)

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