Sunday, November 30, 2008

Singapore Part 3 / Twilight (I Crush Him, Haha!!)

Looks like she's goin to be my second home for now. Not only because it's where my besty Joy lives but also because of the new company's office. Matter of fact, there's already a scheduled date for return next month. Must get the "miles" ready. =P

So what's in my suitcase?? Hmm, nothing new. I was tempted to do a quick shopping but then decided against it when I learned that my last pay's been put on hold!! ON HOLD, my gawd!! But that's good since I intend to "pack light" this time. Wow, that's new! Haha!! Good luck with that!! But one thing's for sure, there will be a lot of yellows in it. Hehehe!!

And I just remembered, it's my third time already and I haven't posted my SG/MY travelogue/pics from last March yet. What a shame!! Actually, to tell you the truth, the pics were already available months ago but it's the travelogue that's not yet drafted yet. = ( It's in HERE!! :) The Melacca will be available right after my trip alright?? :P

I will try my very best to keep this blog updated even if I'm away since there are still a couple of events last week that are unposted yet. Take for example the movie last Friday.


Rob Pattinson of Twilight

He's impossibly GORGEOUS!! Hahaha!! Why do they always have to be so enchanting???

Tell you what, the only series of books I've read is the Shopaholic. :P Harry Potter, LOTR or Twilight I never considered reading. But I might give this one a try. I was actually about to hop into a bookshop yesterday to buy just the first book and read it while on board but then remembered that I've a whole 185-pages of printed materials to read for my new work. Phhhbbbttt!!! Hehehe. Sigh, some other time I guess.

As always, I watched the movie with the fast-becoming Friday club - my Fitness friends.

dinner at CPK

Cathy gave Joy and I identical shining shimmering splendid bracelets, hehehe. Thanks gurlfriend!! ;)

Then midnight snacks "daw" at Chili's.

Geoff, Cat, Linc, JT, de Moi and Joy

Linc is Cat's friend. I just met him that day but he's kind enough to accompany me to my hotel later. Good thing we're on the same time of flight. He's working in SG.

I'll miss these guys but I TERRIBLY miss my best friend too!! Joyeeeeeee gurlaloooo, I'm coming. :D


Anonymous said...

i'm soooooooooooooooooooo jealous right now. i'm soooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
soooooo jealous that you're in singapore lol.. freaking eh I seriously need a vacation.

btw who's the new chick on the pic? hehe


Anonymous said...

haha!! yup, im here!! :)

its Joy..officemate..i mean ex-officemate..hehehe

come visit me here..:P


Anonymous said...

i should lol.. but 1 week vacation is a waste of money, should be around 4 weeks.
btw i'm talking about the chick in the group shot only.. yey yey hehe


Anonymous said...

u mean the one in white?? it's Rose..she's married already. :P

- KC