Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Honeymoon Period

A quick hello from my current S.O here in SG. Hehehe.
See?? Nothing's new with the wardrobe. But my bag is new. Hahaha!!! Lovesit!!! I love that my new laptop fits in it. :D
And it gets better. First day on training and here's what the first email says:
Date - 12th Jan to 16th Jan 2009
Venue - Royal Caribbean International Cruise

12th Jan - Departure - Singapore : 1700Hrs
13th Jan - Port Klang Malaysia : 0800Hrs - 1700Hrs (Docked)
14th Jan - Phuket Thailand : 1300Hrs - 2200Hrs (Docked)
15th Jan - Cruising
16th Jan - Arrival in Singapore : 0700Hrs
Aaahhh, honeymooon stage eh?? For sure there will be rough times. But lemme love my S.O. for now.
Gotta go. Tata!! :D

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