Friday, October 17, 2008

These Seldom Happen

Gadgets Magazine. Events section. Page 92-93. Where's KC?? Where's KC?? Hahaha!!!
Finally in somehow a glossy paper. Although not really all about fashion. :P

2 days ago, I, Angela and Joy had lunch at Chef d Angelo. What's so unusual??? MY TREAT!!! :P What's the occasion?? Secret for now. =P They didn't appreciate this bistro before coz they were ordering the wrong foods. But after presenting to them their piece de resistance, I'm quite sure they'll come back here on their own. This portion of the post is simply called, the CHEESECAKE ATTACK!!! Yeah, with my mouth hanging open quite unattractively. Hahaha!!!

KC's very unusual (haha!!) treat @ Chef d Angelo

Lastly, a group dinner with my Fitness First friends last night @ Chili's Greenhills. Having a hint now on the secret???? ;-) This certainly doesn't happen everyday. It's also my first time to try that restau and golly everything served on the table was glorious.

Mike, Brian, Jun, Lucille, Geoff; Me, Cathy, Charm and Tita

Well, I do acknowledge there were a lot of eating (AGAIN!!!). But don't worry coz KC's not gonna do anything silly again. I mean no swimming again from 9 PM to 5 AM.. =P

It's early also to say, but I met someone last night. Someone.....oops, my lips will be sealed for now. =P

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