Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dating Scene

I can’t recall the last time I was this pressured in getting dressed up. Granted, a lot of people praised me for my sense of fashion but still it’s different when you’re doing it for someone. Adding to that is the extra heel I need to put on so that I can somehow match his long and lanky frame.

Also, I can’t recall the last time I told a white lie to my Mum as to who I’m going out with. I said I’m going out with Mark (the friend who arrived from Saudi). Shucks!! Well I just didn’t see the point of telling her the truth if nothing’s certain yet. =P

Which seemed to be the right thing to do. In each passing hour that I was getting to know him, the discrepancies emerged. And there's only once conclusion to this: he’s way out of my league. (Lisa gurl this is what you call mind-conditioning. =P) But that doesn't mean I didn’t enjoy every second of it.

So while the topdown ride was ultra cool (geese, I didn’t know how his almost six feet frame fit into that mini car of his ;-), that wasn’t the highlight of the “date”. It’s nice finding someone who also has that wide vocabulary when it comes to music. :) He made me sing in the car to songs he guessed I didn’t know. :P And yes it was kind of romantic playing that “Be My Lady” by Martin M on the way home. *sigh* But then again, a pet peeve is a pet peeve. :P

It might never happen again. So what can I say?? It was fun while it lasted. :)

Now onto more fun,

So, time to concentrate on the other guy. Hahaha!!! No point being sore. There’s a whole spectrum of men out there. :P Now why do I have this feeling I’m gonna regret these words someday??? Wahaha!!! :D


Lissy said...

haha, i should've made a thousand bucks worth of bet that you're gonna blog about the convertible.. :)

Nivek said...

KC, you're breaking my heart...

kCNeSs said...

hi gurl..well at least i didn't so much emphasized on that..hehe

kCNeSs said...

hey Kevin!! oh, please don't i said, it's over..=)

Anonymous said...

1 date and it's over? Next time show more skin :D


PS change sunglasses. You gotta rock the aviators.

kCNeSs said...

haha Will!! actually, that was the modest version. the vest can be easily removed anytime..hahaha..just kidding..Sira ka talaga!! :P