Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Moving

From American to Korean to a French-German. I’m pretty sure you already have an idea of what I’m talking about. Yesterday I just signed the papers for my new company. Yes, I’m moving. Reminiscent of JR’s last words in the teambuilding, Sir Rommel bantered that I am following his advice on pursuing modeling. How I wish!! Haha!!

You know what they say when it comes to relationships? Something about people who are ecstatically happy in their relationships do not cheat. I guess the same could be said when it comes to this shift. Awww shucks what a lame comparison. Then an opportunity rarely comes along so you just have to seize it. :P Wait a sec, now why do I feel like I’m answering an interview question about why I’m leaving a company. Haha!! Not that I would answer it like I said above. Hehe.

Well if there’s one thing I truly appreciated here in my current job, it’s how my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of sales and marketing. :) Funny how I just wanted to teach in the university when I was still studying, got myself involved in technical jobs and now wished that I took a degree on marketing. But still, I want to take a stab on teaching someday. :) Jack of all trades eh?? Haha!!

Anyways, just a little something about my new job. Working from home while I report to the HQ in SG is such a new concept. To others it sounds surreal and yes it would be very ideal for working moms. But you know me, I still like getting all dressed up and parading my clothes around so thanks to frequent visits to clients for that. :P Still, I can’t resist the thought of getting longer hours of sleep (Zzzzz!!!) and the comfort of not having to soldier the commute to and from the office coz I swear traveling to and from our area is the b*tch.

Of course I’ve lotsa things to miss here in the office and I’ll make sure to make a bulleted post about that someday. The events being one of them, haha!! :P Well, I still have one month to cherish them. Okay, that’s all for now. I still have a lot of pending posts and it’s all because I’m waiting for the pictures. I also have an upcoming Northern trip this weekend but I promise to come up with something on Friday. :)

I don’t want to say goodbye to Samsung yet but as early as now I already like to say hello to my new one. So hello S.O. – as in significant other. Haha!! Maybe it’s the reason why the date didn’t work out last week. Coz a new career and a new lovelife seems like too much for now. Anyway, what was my working equation again?? That C is inversely proportional to L?? Yeah I’ll make sure to remember that. Damn!! :P


Anonymous said...

YEY YEY! My cousin is going to buy me a plane ticket! w00t w00t.

Again congrats on the job, and thx for the plane ticket!

PS I've uploaded some pics in facebook from the trip, and will finish the rest by the end of the week.


Your broke cousin Wil.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! Wait, do we have like a written agreement on that??? How about if I make the trip up there?? WOAH!! Ambitious. Hahaha!!!

Will check your pics soon. =)


Anonymous said...

So I just bought a new laptop.. I considered buying a plane ticket to pinas.. laptop sounded more important lol.
btw i'm willing to sacrifice my health for the 27 VERY long hr flight to manila if you pay for me.. You shouldn't have to deal with a flight that might harm your beauty sleep lol..


kCNeSs said...

haha!! Will, u r so funny!!

honestly we're hurt!!! how could u prefer a gadget over us, your RELATIVES here!!! hahaha!!!