Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Diet

I'm loosing weight. And I'm worried. Wahaha!!! Hypocrite!! :P After body jam on a Wednesday (the launch of the new version which we didn't like if I may add), Joy, Cathy and JT had dinner @ Teriyaki Boy in Promenade, GH.
The outfit - that's always out of fit. Hahaha!!!
Let me talk about the picture above. Well there's our videoke speakers behind me, a rag somewhere down to your left and yeah our house that's being repaired. So overall, it's a pretty much sh*tty photo. LOLS!!

Kidding aside, I love the coat and the ways I can reinvent the look. Ü Why oh why haven't I discovered the wonders of trench coats before?? Answer: Coz nice clothes in your first job will always be hidden under smocks in the production floor. :P

Currently: On a group tour from Banaue - Sagada. I'll see y'all on Monday. :) Have a blessed weekend. XOXO.


RonTuron said...

kacy kacy kacy..

buti na lang im in a temporary state of insanity ngayon kaya natipuhan kong bisitahin yung kapangalan kong blog. yung

nakita kita dun. u left a comment saying ur not quite sure kung sino ako. mali. kasi 2 yrs nang ndi active yung blog na yun ni ron (ibang ron, hindi ako)

hindi mo na ba ako talaga kilala? hahahaha,.. best in english at filipino ka pa naman nung HS.

si ron to, ronturon, of course u dont know me sa ronturon coz i used that during college days na sa MIT.

ronaldo to no. mapua high. sus. hehe

o ayan, makabagbag damdaming comment yan na mala-maalaala mo kaya. hehehehe....

ang haba na neto.. huwaw...

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(with dash)


Nivek said...
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Nivek said...

New rule... all comments must be posted in English :)

After all, us dumb white guys need to understand too.