Monday, October 27, 2008

Best-est Adventure So Far :)

Eager beaver to report the happenings for the last 3 days. Although I’m totally and utterly knackered, I can’t help sharing it this early.

1. The Beautiful Banaue – the 12 hour drive was all worth it!!!

2. Lake Danum aka Lake Placid. Hehehe. I dunno if it’s only me but I first thought of Switzerland when I first saw it. :P
3. Spelunking the Sumaguing Cave. OMG!!! This is the f*cking best experience of all! Pardon the expletives lately; I don’t know where they’re coming from. :P 4. Bomod-Ok Falls – the waters of which are freezing cold. I also get to observe the everyday life of the people of Sagada, Mt. Province.
5. Echo Valley – where the hanging coffins are located. It's nice learning the ancient practices of the natives there.
6. Kiltepan Rice Terraces – the top of the world view. Spectacular!!! Whew!!!
7. Orange Farm – actual picking of oranges and the very nice flowers in there. For a moment I felt like I am a haciendera. Hahaha!!!

My legs still hurt from all the walking. And it's not just any ordinary walking, it's mountain trekking baby. But the equation is (equation again?): the more effort, the more reward when it comes to view. Yes, effort is directly proportional to the reward. Hahaha!!

More pictures and stories soon. Let me sleep for now. ;-)


Anonymous said...

how long where you there for deng? it better not be just a day, cause I see 3 outfit changes.


Nivek said...

Wil, Three outfits means 15 minutes :)

Way to show off your nice legs... my two favorite things and oranges too :P

kCNeSs said...

haha!! Will, are u crazy?? i'm not gonna spend a 12 hr drive if i'm going to stay there just for a day.the cave spelunking alone took us 6 hours.. :D i was there for 3 days and 2 nights..

kCNeSs said...

haha!! why r u guys so particular on my outfits?? :D

hey Kevin!! nice legs?? duh, they're still big and needs more work-out.. :P