Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Swimming in Pansol

Before I go on a full-blast blogging on my Sagada trip which I just did a preview below, let me just give a space here about the swimming in Laguna with my college friends (date: Oct. 11) . Mark's vacation from Saudi called for the gathering and it's REALLY been a long while since I last saw him (3 years) and some of them (Randolph - 2 years ago?? Jonathan - 4 years ago!!). Among the dozen of people present, only 5 of them belongs to the original B102 section some 8 years ago??? Gosh, am I really that old?? Haha!!

Bong, Randolph, de Moi, Jonathan and Mark

Just a little case of TMI (too much info, hehe), Xiela and I were the only girls from this section. So you know, I was quite special to the guys. Wahaha!! And Xiela is being a very good friend in here by going MIA on us for the second time around (1st one was in Pagbilao). Tsk, tsk, tsk!! Hahaha!!! Peace lola!! :D

Actually, I wasn't being a good friend either. I stayed only from Saturday night til early morning of Sunday because I had to be a good niece and friend to my Titas and Titos in Cabuyao, Laguna which is already quite near the gathering venue. I consider the place my 2nd home since I stayed there for about a year and a half during Intel days. My promise to my besty Joy who's now working in SG is that I will visit them once in a while so basically the weekend was spent hitting two birds with one stone. :)

Knowing that I had to be early the next day for the Sunday worship, I should've left the pool earlier but then....BUT THEN, Bong took out his underwater cam around 10 PM and obviously I had to stay longer. Haha!! Yes, I'm officially blaming that thing for making me sick the next day. Hahaha!!! :D Here's a pic of Bong and my gigantic feet ( =P) doing the race. Of course he won over me since I was quite an amateur in swimming. This was taken by Fe.

And of course, here's to the man (or should I say woman?? haha) of the night: Marky. Ü You know that you are special when among the group if and only if you alone has the pasalubong (gift) from him. Hehehe. Thanks for the perfume!!! ;-)

But of course Mark will always be special to me. My most fond memories of him were being the matchmaker and chaperon during the X-bf days and as well as the shock absorber during the break-up days. Hehehe. This is a captured moment of us trying to do the most "sensual" pose we could muster for Bong's camera. Haha!! Funny, how we had to suppress our laughter for the shots and then burst out laughing after the shutter. :D

As for this one, all I can say is hahaha!!! Thanks to the moist of the camera's cover, this didn't look that HIGH-larious. :P This is the reason why I turned down requests (as if there were that many!! haha!!) of some friends of mine who are aspiring photogs to be their subject. Surely, I won't take the sessions seriously coz I'm the type of person who just simply loves to LAUGH out LOUD!! Hehe. Besides, I don't look good on serious shots. I still believe that people look their best when they SMILE. :)

But then again after some time, when everybody was engaged on videoke or taking their turns in tequila shots (which I wasn't able to avoid, tsk tsk!!) and the camera was left on my custody, my oh my you know what to expect!! Hahaha!!! I continued the "serious look" experimentation (or can also be referred to as the sleepy mode since it was already past 12 midnight :P). Geese, there are no more films these days and data storage is available everywhere, so what's a girl gotta do?? Hahaha!!!

(a) Me and Mark during videoke (b) baby Moira (cute, cute!! ^^) (c) taking advantage of the cam, haha!! (d) the crew minus Jo, Ali and Dolph (e) me mic hogging =P

Well I missed the bonding time the whole Sunday, I left just when they're about to sleep. But I'm looking forward to Mark's despedida party before he leaves again for Saudi. *sigh*


Nivek said...

My what big feet you have!

Just kidding... haha :)

I like the pouting look on you. Quite stuck-up model-esque.

Anonymous said...

ahaha!! you noticeed it also!! haha..

really?? so i can pass for a model?? hahaha..

- KC