Friday, October 31, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Since I'm still all forest/mountain/nature inspired from my recent Sagada trip, I decided to rock these new babies of mine I got on sale - my Leopard print shoes. :P

Actually, I'm just feeling kinda lazy to start my Sagada Adventures and figured a nice photo would be a very good substitute. Hahaha!!!

I wish I can sing to the tunes of these shoes are made for walking, but I have to admit it was quite hard balancing in all 4 inches of it. :P

In fairness to me, I did my homework and am quite pleased to annouce that Sagada pics can now be viewed HERE! So click, click!! ;-)

Now back to the shoes, if the party will push through later then that's the only time I can tell if they are also made for dancing. Ahaha!!

Enjoy the weekend! :)

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