Tuesday, September 09, 2014

SG 2014


I think this was my 14th trip. I can't be sure because verifying it is just so taxing right now. Lol! I had some other plans for this trip but since it didn't push through, let's just call this a foodtrip weekend. :)

A. Observing the lantern festival and eating durian mooncake for the first time.

B. A self-reward after doing some personal shopper duties for the brother. Ugh! They sold me this at SGD 1.20. I didn't know they hike up the price in Orchard. Yes, I'm complaining the 0.20 increase. Hahaha!

C. Nothing really captures that good old hawker-style noodles. SPICES!!!

D. The bday noodles??? Lol!

E. Even the milk teas here are not the same there. Why? :P

And just this morning I discovered some peanut pancakes that are again worth-coming back for. Haha! Well, the chili crab would have to be scheduled some other time.

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