Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mini Leather Vest


Today, I present to you the ways I wore this mini leather vest I got from Terranova in the past. :)

Gallery A.  The Waitress Look.  Haha!!!  It was one Monday morning earlier this year, the Swedish boss was visiting and I was thinking the plain white button-up and pencil skirt combo was way too boring.  I decided to throw-in the vest for some waitress-y look! :))

Bayo button-up; Warehouse pencil skirt; Sunnies from Siem Reap; Zara bag

Gallery B.  Rock-Chic Look.  Okay, it's Thursday.  That time for throwback. :P  So recalling this party scene with HTC folks at Skye 2 years ago. :)

Kamiseta bandage dress; People r People gladiator heels; Tory Burch cuffs

Gallery C. The B&W&Y trio combo.   I was torn between the wedding look and this one below.  But since I haven't featured this so might as well use this. :)

Tomato dress; Accessorize feather earrings; Zara tote and Primadonna clutch
Cotton On shoes


Mel's Hidden Passions said...

Hey Casey, finally found your blog... Cool vest you have there... You should start hiring a photographer, that's the only missing so you'll become a fashion model. You have the height, looks and the sense of fashion... Go for it girl!

CaseyCakes said...

Hi Mel, thanks sa comment. Ikaw pala yan! Thanks din sa reco, I'd love to do that. I'd love to do that. If only I know someone who's willing. I'll visit your blog soon! :)