Wednesday, September 25, 2013

National Singles Week! :)

Heeellllooo guys!!!  Been avoiding my Tuesday posts for sometime now.  I haven't had time to do research on my travels aside from being sickly lately. :(  Also, last week had been quite busy with a few plans here and there.  Has anyone of you heard about National Singles Week???  Whoever came up with that term, it surely felt right that all the happenings below happened on that week.

Tuesday.  Had dinner with my friend Glenn.  He wanted me to try this ramen bar at Glorietta - Hokkaido Santouka Ramen.

Wednesday.  Dinner with my Sharkbait family.  We tried this newly opened Katsu shop in Glorietta - Ginza Bairin and had desserts at a very girly girly place called Vanilla Cupcake after. :)

Thursday.  Rihanna's concert!!!! :)  Watched it with my girlfriends Leq, Michelle and Rizza. :)

And the last leg of the Fitness First Xplosion event held at Republiq last Saturday!

That was an awesome week!  Hoping to have many more of that! :)

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