Friday, July 26, 2013

Rock 'n Roll \m/

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I don't think I've ever mentioned it but if you follow my IG account (please follow me: cassey_cakes, hahaha!), the wedding's theme last weekend was rock and roll!  So cool yo!  I didn't really know about the details of the wedding until I got the invitation the day before.  

All I knew was its rock and roll and you have to dress to impress.  Etiquette dictates that overshadowing the bride is one big no "no way Jose" when it comes to wedding but I was shocked that it was written in the invitation itself.  As  a matter of fact at the back it says, "dress to impress and outshine the bride and groom" That's cray man! :))

Prior to the event, close friends were anticipating what I was gonna wear and it was no-brainer dude.  I already had this in mind and so glad that I didn't have to worry much.  I already posted about this look  before using that flower power bustier here.  I just added the semi-leather vest for a punk twist and the lace gloves for some rock-chic touch.  :)

Guys, no upstaging occurred.  Here's a pic of me with the bride looking resplendent herself in a shocking black outer layer of her gown. Pretty foxy!!! :))

Fast forward to the reception, sorry if I have to be selfish here but my most kilig moment here was this, hahaha!!!  Of course I teared up a bit during the bride's march (with A Thousand Years being played in the background).  I mean, what girl doesn't??? :))

Please believe me that I'm really the reserved type and I wasn't part of the program at all.  But I think my feet had some mind of its own and were thinking otherwise coz as soon as the emcee asked someone to sing for the couple and  I heard my name being uttered nay shouted by friends, they started walking left and right on their own towards the stage.  Wahaha!!!  As the saying goes, I get high with a little help from my friends.  Haha!  But I can feel it you know, my album is coming out soon.  As Anne Curtis puts it, dreams do come true.  HAHAHA!!!  Saarrryy, having an "Anne-bisyosa" moment here.  After all, it's also part of my name. =))

Sharing some details of the wedding here.  It was a red, black and white motif.  The bridal car was red and the entourage wore their Chucks.  Funkadelic!!!   Like I said I didn't realize the red thing, I had another dress in mind.  LOL!  By now I gathered so much details in wedding preps I think I can start visualizing my own too.  Saaaay whaaaaaaaaaat???? :))))))

And more reception photos.  I was totally stoked and it made the 12-hr one way commute bus ride worth it I guess.  I met the groovy family of the groom and jelled with Weng's friends too as we all dance to Psy's Gentleman.  Haha!  You see that's the thing.  I was really good friends with the groom since way back college and met Weng a couple of times only in the past but it feels like we've been friends for a long time and the same goes for her friends too. :)  Girls just want to have fun baby! :D

Once again, wishing all the best to your married life Lot and Weng!  I'll see you guys in Singapore!  Peace out! \m/

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