Thursday, July 25, 2013

When Friends Go Home


(Yepp, I don't forget moments.  Haha!)

March: Florence's vacay during the holy week.  Meet-up in Shangrila-mall and we watched a movie after. 

I remember not planning anything during this long holiday because of a scheduled facial wart treatment.  Yay! Haha!

May: Ali's homecoming.  The usual month for vacay for Filipino workforce in Dubai.  Had a fun dinner at Amici in Ayala Triangle!

I will never forget this day because I took a half-day sick leave from work because of non-stop vomiting in the morning that continued all the way to my workplace in the afternoon.  Only when a co-worker introduced that Venus meds and when its magic worked did I start to feel better.  Was worried that I wouldn't make it to my scuba diving certification on the next day. Yay!  Oh and yeah, the desserts at Amici are all unforgettable.  Haha!

July:  Florence and Joan went home for our friend's wedding last weekend! Hehe!  Here are the single ladies rocking their booties at the wedding.  

Oh btw, if this may look like a pageant to you, we lovingly represent UK, Slovenia and Israel respectively.  Hahaha!!! *wink wink*

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