Monday, July 29, 2013

The Elevator Story


Sharing a random convo that transpired at the elevator last Friday. The door opened to 33rd and I was accosted by this old woman as soon as she entered.

Her: Ang tangkad mo. Anong height mo? (You're so tall. What's your height?)
Me: 5'6" or 7"?
Her: E di ang tangkad ng boyfriend mo. (Your bf must be tall.)

Out of respect for the elderly, I tried hard not to roll my eyes,

Me: Wala po akong boyfriend. (I don't have one.)
Her: Ha? Bakit wala? (Huh? Why none?)

Gaaaah of all questions!!! Willing the door to open to 6th where I was headed to buy snacks, I thought of an excuse.  And since we're talking 'bout heights....

Me: Wala pong mahanap na matangkad eh. (I couldn't find someone who's tall enough for me.)
Her: Meron akong kilala. 6'2". (I know someone, He stands 6'2".)

Bam! There goes your matchmaker Cassey! LOL! She further asked,
Her: Sang floor ka? (Which floor do you work?)

Thankfully the elevator pinged and I just gave her a smile and said "Sige po" (See you). Hahaha!!! Sometimes it's better not to be honest all the time. I shoud've just made up some stories about a tall boyfriend living in Europe! LOL!

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