Sunday, September 02, 2012

Maxi Skirt

#bythrees Ways to Wear My Royal Blue Maxi Skirt from Kashieca :)

#chunkynecklace :) With a necklace from 2009.... (errr, someone's getting too much fond of hyperlinks lately :p)

#fittedtop :) Repeat photo post when I paired it with my polka dots peplum top.  Long and flowy skirt would need a silhouette and this is just perfect. ;-)

Now for some details, the peplum top has this ribbon details at the back not to mention uhmm a little errrrr opening that thanks to my tangled hair makes it a li'l office-appropriate. :))  My friend Angela thought what I was wearing is a whole one-piece ensemble.  :P

#colorblock :)  paired with an emerald green scallop top from Topshop.  Talk about jewel tones!  Now this would make a good two-tone wedding motif I think.  Not that I'm planning for my self, maha!  Was suggesting this to my friend Joy. :)

This maxi skirt can be worn with high heels but I love that I can always pair it with my favorite white sandals with gold details from Topshop.

And there are endless way to wear this (think chambray, sheer, blazers etc).  This is absolutely my favorite skirt right now.  :P  If only I can wear this every week at work.  Yeah perhaps possible but there are other clothes right there. :P

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