Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Favorite Necklace

We interrupt your regular KK travelogue reading schedule to give way for some very important announcement. Haha!

Translation: KC has been so lazy to write the 3rd installment of her KK Adventure. LOL! Come on guys cut me some slack! I'm gonna be in SG late next week, so you understand the work cramming right? ;) Besides don't pull that face, I've got something to show ya! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Isn't she - what's your word again Ate? - "overly and utterly stunning"? Yes, she is! Hahaha!! The pic I sent Anj this morning in her email isn't so flattering at all. I was so excited (and I just can't hide it) that she has to SEE. IT. RIGHT. AWAY! Haha! I even teased her a bit the night I bought it that she has something to see. I knew she'll like it! And her reaction didn't disappoint as I can't count the number of exclamation points in her email response! Hahaha!!! I hope pic above did justice to the neckpiece!! May electric fan effect pa yan! Hahaha!!! Sooo sooo sooo loving it!!!

When I paired it in my cobalt blue Topshop tube, I instantly thought of requesting Wil to come back home and do a photoshoot "wearing this, (alright), wearing only this!!" Hahaha!! Titanic daw?? Joke lang. I mean pictorial with any dress that matches the chunky necklace! Hahaha!!

Obviously, I'm feeling so arte and feeling model that I took a gazillion of shots and I am loving each and every pixel of them thank you very much. Haha! So no need for Wil to go back home. Besides, he just gave me a WONDERFUL NEWS today!


Dramatic mode: Wil, what have I done to deserve this?? You know I'm just your gorgeous couz who's always there to help ya? I mean, you know that help is nothing...... But then again, if you insist........

HAHAHA!!! 2-3 WEEKS!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Hahaha!!! You call me your hero?? I call you my fairy godfather!!! Hahaha!! Is there such a thing??? :P

Ohmigosh I'm so giddy today! Ecstatic even! The necklace, the camera, the long weekend, 1 day work next week, SG training, Retro marathon later punctuating my Friday.........H.A.P.P.Y!!! Not even the news of upcoming typhoon this weekend can ruin my day! =)

Necklace from Aldo Accessories :)

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