Sunday, November 01, 2009


As I put on my blue Topshop tube and gray mini skirt, I remind myself that it's okay to re-use dresses for night-outs! I mean, come on, celebrities do that as well. Right? LOL! It's not that I don't plans on recycling dresses, it's just that there are a lot of them lined up already. :P And for last Friday, I really wanna wear my necklace! :P

So after the Retro marathon in GH, where I was only about to do 30-mins in 2 hours coz I came late to rush some work, Cathy, Bri & I headed to Fiama for dinner. Among the food we ordered, we absolutely loved the thin crust Quatro Formaggio and the Chicken Lollipop with Gorgonzola sauce. =p~

After waiting for some time, Chi & hubby J.O. finally arrived. Chi is Cathy's college best friend. It's quite flattering that some of Cat's friends wanna meet me. I hope it's because I look fun in our photos together. LOL! Cathy was right when she said we'll jell. Chi's like a louder version of me. Haha!! And surely Cathy missed her company as Chi had to focus on her cute baby boy first for 3 years. :)

At this point I am completely unfazed to know the situation I was in, I mean again I was surrounded by couples. And in theme no less! Black and stripes! LOL! Now if only I could grab someone in the bar wearing blue as well for the photos..............Kidding. :P

Speaking of which, noticed something?? Cathy is in black! HA! The last time we had lunch with the other girls, she explained after my post that their family is not accustomed to wearing such color. So before we met, she was excited to announce to me her color - just exactly when I already planned of wearing blue. She always points out to me I'm often in black. Haha! Conflict! :P

Actually not HA! I was reviewing the pics and it's amazing how I suddenly look tanned when I'm beside Cathy. (top-left pic above) LOL! I'm not sure if it's because it's her black bustier or the fact that I swam much under the sun in KK. Speaking of which, yeah yeah will work on it soon. :P

And that ONE and only ONE glass of vodka sprite knocked me out for the next day! So sleepy!! I guess, I'll never get used to social drinking! LOL!

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