Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Re-re-re-record Breaker!

So okay I walked into the office, correction, sauntered more like in my DP dress, and thinking I was late (coz I remember about the correspondence on the training starting at 1 PM and the plane touched down around 12 noon so no time to check-in first in the hotel), I pushed open the door of the conference room and…



Oops, the previous session hasn’t ended yet. Okay. I just officially disturbed the sales training. LOL! How embarrassing! Everyone was staring at me! Haha!! Note to self: Next time peek first into the transparent part of the door. LOL!

Anyways, I went further inside the office and ensconced myself in one of the office chairs right beside our admin. It’s a little past 1 but most of the people are still on lunchbreak, I figured I could check my mails first and finish some work. When I heard some noise right outside the entrance, I thought…Aaah, they’re coming back….

I poised myself for a nice greeting smile to them but was perplexed that they’re not coming in and overheard them discussing something about a luggage. I remembered I left my Samsonite trolley (my first time to use after it receiving it as a give-away from a party in Samsung way way back) near the entrance so I walked towards the reception thinking if something wrong happened with it.

I found them inspecting the little blue trolley closely and asked if it was mine. When I confirmed that yes indeed it is mine, I just couldn’t believe the look of bewilderment on their faces. THEY COULDN’T BELIEVE I COULD PACK LIGHT!! HAHAHA!!! OMG. I seldom commingle with my SG colleagues and I couldn’t believe that the only lasting impression they have of me is being a shopaholic and a heavy packer! Hahaha!! Ade (from Indonesia) just arrived also and they again was shocked that my trolley is smaller than his! Hahaha!!

In fairness, 11 KGS….11 KGS….That was indeed a re-re-re-record breaker. Haha!!

Most of the time, during check-in, the weight display of my luggage is vacillating within the tenth decimal of 19-20 Kgs. Haha!!

Don’t look surprised though. After all, I’m just staying here for 3 days. :P

But I posed it as a challenge to myself. You know, just to prove that I can be a “lite packer”. Haha!! So Tuesday night, I was up ‘til 2 AM hashing and rehashing the items to bring. LOL! And since I was taking the earliest SQ flight today (8:10 AM), I slept in the living room sofa not wanting to be an irresponsible trainee.

And because I’m so stubborn to have taken coffee jelly that Tuesday, I had a hard time sleeping. The aftermath, I was groggy that morning in my first day training dress and in my high-red heels. :P (For the record, I’m always in flats during flight due to the anticipation of long walks to the gates and always in jeans.) In fairness, I’m not sure if it was just only now but there’s an ensemble playing by the boarding area playing some soothing music while waiting. Ain’t bad! :P And having inspected myself for the last hour of check-in to boarding, dare I say I’ve never looked quite “fab” on this flight. God knows how I’m always a mess during flights due to the different documents, the process, and the number of items carried and so on and so forth. Maybe packing light can really give that effect on you???

Actually, aside from saving space in my trolley and being prepared just in case my flight got delayed and I have no time to check-in first in the hotel, I came in a dress just so I could look appropriate for an upgrade. Haha!! Recently I met a friend who’s working in the airlines department and I asked her if I could be favored with an upgrade. There was no guarantee but still I wanted to look the part. LOL! However, no such dice. Hehe.

So being a “No I haven’t slept a wink at all” that night, I settled myself in the couch ready to make amends for my lack of sleep. Then I inspected the airbus’ movie skeds and just couldn’t resist the list of movies available. Gosh, they’re all showing the last good movies I passed up on: Up, Time Traveler’s Wife, The Proposal, 500 Days of Summer, etc. Guess what did I pick?? I love Sandra. The other can wait on my return flight. Hehe. And the movie didn’t disappoint. :P

So after the training and going to Bugis for dinner and shopping, you could tell guys I’m so utterly spent. And I just couldn’t leave this blog updated after 3 days so here went my story for ya.

And yes, I LOVE BUGIS! :)

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