Monday, November 09, 2009

SG 7 Recap

Haaaa—chhoooooooo!!! * sniff sniff* I contracted this the moment I stepped out of the airport last night. I hope this isn’t a bad case of flu, you know the oink oink one. I’m not having any fever though, I just get weak (♪on the knees I can't hardly speak, lol! ♪). A while ago I thought it was probably due to having no work-out for the last days I was in SG (don’t look at me, I can’t even believe it myself) so I did some Pilates a while ago. It made me feel a bit better. Not heaps. Just slightly………

Nevertheless, I’m still going to give you my SG recap. It’s leaning towards more on the FOODIES!! Haha!!

In my last post I told you that we were in Bugis (Wed night). I’ve been here before (at the junction) so I was amazed with Bugis street itself that looks a bit Chinatown-ish. There were a lot of stores that caught my eye upon passing but we have to head for dinner first.

So Santoso (our Indo developer) told us about this famous Pepper Rice but I wasn’t paying much attention to him. In fairness, Santoso is the guy I always like to tease coz he's just sooo funny. He's based in SG and we overseas staff always appreciate him coming with us for dinner so he can show us around, help on the directions..Hehe. When we went around looking for dinner at the Food Junction, I came back to find them all having the “Pepper Rice” and me with my pepper-filled seafood pasta. LOL!

(me & Ade, me & Temy, my seafood pasta and the guys @ the escalator)

After dinner, we did have some time to snoop around and I was able to buy this cute pink mini bag. Hehe. DP and TS are also having their sale here.

For Thursday night, the whole training attendees went to Vivo City (as always - 10 mins from the office) for dinner at Marché. Months ago someone gave me a feedback that this is a really must-try restaurant. It was always fully booked. So we made reservations before the training ended but with all due respect to the one who gave us the treat, I found the food there a bit bland. It seems like every dish (coz I kept on tasting other’s food particularly Ade’s and Nam’s, haha!!) needs a teensy weensy dash of salt. I read that it boots of Swiss cuisine but I’m not sure if it’s how they cook dishes in there. :P

Anyways, I give the restaurant some props for the ambiance. The place is somewhat buffet style coz you go around to pick your food. But not the fixed price coz at the entrance you will be given a card to be used if you order your food. Accumulated amount will be paid once the card is collected.

All the while, I keep on wondering if Marché is a foreign name for cows as I see them in each and every area. I just googled that it's a place in Italy so perhaps the cows are just to give you a Swiss ambiance or something???? So these are some of the pics I took around, limited coz it was not allowed. Damn, I was practicing for my new camera. And funny, coz there are no cows in here. LOL!
(the card, wine section, fruit juice section and my seabass)

(me & my cheesecake, Ade & Nam with their crepes and the whole training group)

For Friday night, I was at the East Coast. First time also. Quite far from the city but just like our trainer who must have a taste before heading back to his country, I can't resist having myself a little treat of my favorite CHILI CRAB as well!!!! Yaaarrrrggghhh!!!! This, even if I know I’m meeting my friends a bit later for dinner!! Hahaha!!! As usual, it’s worth the travel from the city!! Haha!! They picked this place because it's near Changi, so it was just really a quick stop-over. But if you’re going for Jumbo Seafood, personally I prefer the one along Clarke Quay, East Coast is just too remote. Not much of a sight, only the view of the sea. Perfect for family gathering and that stuff. :P

While you're at it, try also the fried prawn with cereal covering @ Jumbo. I loved it as well. I would very much love to continue the story of another gastronomic experience @ Clarke Quay but I guess it will call for more narrating. This might do for now. :) Thanks for reading. :)

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