Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KTV in SG!

“Si KC? Sigurado ka?”

Friday night, I was dropped off by the taxi driver on the opposite side of Central mall in Clarke Quay so I called up Mac to help me cross the bridge (the one near Riverside Point). Well, aside from being in my leopard shoes (the 3.5 inch heels and not the flats), I have with me my trolley since I will be sleeping over Wen’s flat.

My friends were already waiting for me when I arrived. When I told Mac that I’m going to need his help and assuaged him not to worry coz it’s just a small one, Wen doubted it was possible. Hence the reaction above. HAHAHA!! Well, I can understand my friend’s being skeptical on my lite-packing ability. I love how everybody’s being surprised. HAHAHA!! (I can’t really drop this lite-packing thing noh? Haha!!)

WOW! It’s been a long while since I last met these college friends of mine. Everytime I come here in SG there’s been no time to meet them (except for one with Mac in Sembawang last year) since after weekdays I go straight to Joy’s flat. And since Joy will already be coming home late this month, I think she could understand. =)

So we scouted the Central mall to find a very good place to eat. Not sure if it’s because it’s a TGIF night that each and every restaurant from the 2nd to the 4th floor have long queues. Come to think of it, I’ve never reached even the second floor of this mall before. Haha! In the end, we settled for this Korean restau (Seoul Yummy – less queue) even if Plok would really love to try that Japanese cuisine Waraku that serves noodles in GINORMOUS bowls. Pang-sumo yata! LOL!

So this is us waiting for our food,

Mac, Me, Wen and Plok

In as much as we enjoyed the appetizers (cucumber, potatoes, beans, etc.), the opposite can be said of the dish we ordered (or atleast for me). I’m a fan of Korean Sang Gyup Sal but they don’t serve it there so I tried the beef. But it’s not the same. =(

So fast-forward to desserts??

All throughout dinner, Mac was there to regale us with his jokes - most noteworthy of all is the “Bala” story! Hahaha! I think it’s really a Filipino thing noh?? Those different invented stories about Juan, Pedro etc. Only this time it’s Bala. Haha! Plok, on the other hand, was updating us on her work situation as she says goodbye to her current company which prompted Mac with his LSS “I Believe” (theme song of Sassy Girl) to blend in with the melancholic mood. LMAO talaga! Haha!

Actually, the singing didn’t end there. It was only whilst dinner that we decided to go to a KTV! Thanks to Plok, we were able to find a cheap place to have fun (10 SGD per pax) coz we’re soooooo not willing to spend 35 SGD on most of the places that popped-up on the Iphone upon surfing. :P

Around 1030, the four of us were @ Chinatown looking for that KTV along Smith Street. When we found it, both Wen & I were baffled about this No Singlet sign upon entrance. It has something to do with clothing, we just can’t figure out what. Then finally upon reaching the 3rd floor, we finally got our answer.

Fine, if that’s what they call tank tops! :P

SO. You know me during KTV. LOL! I jumpstarted it all with the opening number Poker Face. Aside from the fact that Gaga’s songs are quite new so I really haven’t sung any of them in KTV, there’s another reason. If it’s not yet obvious to you yet, later you’ll learn why. LOL!

And from there ensued a list of songs from ranging from the feel good ones up to those lose control types. LOL! Occasionally there would be “birit” songs to which Wen gave me a run for my own money like Regine’s “Dadalhin”. Haha! Impressive! But then came the song, My Humps, wherein the lyrics blanked out on the screen from the start ‘til the end, it was my time to shine! HAHAHA!! And nope, this doesn’t involve only Fergie’s part, even the RAP portion!! BEAT THAT!! HAHAHA!! I can’t imagine I have the whole song memorized! LMAO!! =)) My gosh! I’ve never been THAT COMEDIC in my entire life. Hahaha!!

And of course there are the dance moves!! The steps of Nobody, sexy moves for Careless Whisper (LOL!), my Macho dancer move (I learned from the gays @ Fitness First Retro, LOL!) and many more!! CRAZY CRAZY!! In short, parang mga SABOG lang kami! WAHAHA!!

In FB, Mac just reinforced the cause of my colds. I shouldn’t be blaming it on other sources, I got sick probably during the KTV. LOL!

And here’s the reason to Poker Face. Sorry, let me just blow up this pic to show off my manicure. Hahaha!! I was Lady Gaga. In case nobody guessed! LOL! The dress is characteristically Gaga’s heightened shoulders, hence the sunglasses during pictorials. LOL!! I wish I had a peroxide hair! Hahaha!!

Well atleast it's stress-releasing for Wen - who will be...............

My future travel buddy whenever I'm in SG!!! Weeeeee!! It's blood-compacted already!! Hahaha!! Thanks so much 'La! =D

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