Friday, November 13, 2009

KK Adv3: Tour Package

Who would agree with me that the best thing about tour packages is meeting a cute guy?? Haha!! I knew it the moment I stepped into the bus, there were only four of them picked up ahead of us from other hotels but it’s as if my eyes gravitated only to him. His looks kind of reminded me of this Am boy who once courted me. I don’t think he’s an American though but I dismissed wondering more on his nationality when I realized he’s seated beside a girl. Blech! The other pair in the bus is Korean.

Yesterday we chose from the tour packages in the mall and this one was the mostly availed so we went for it. It includes visit to the National Park, the Poring hot spring and the canopy walkway - looks interesting from the pictures and I deemed the hot spring might be good for the folks. Although I don’t think my Tita will go for that walkway, as she’s one scaredy cat.

After picking up the rest of the tourists (four more after us), the guide advised that there would be two good hours to reach the Park so I decided to take a nap first. When we stopped over at Nabalu ( a collection of native stalls selling fruits, vegetables, local produce and handicrafts), I had flashbacks of my Sagada adventure. This is really no different. After haggling with the locals on body bags that I would give to my gurlies, we gathered by the platform to take group photo with the view. It’s really cold if you get near the edges that really remind me of Sagada. Actually that one back home is even better, sorry MY, I’ve got to love my own. :P

With everyone still stirred up from their goodies shopping, the guide seized the moment to share with us her encyclopedic knowledge about the place starting from its etymology, the people, their beliefs and just about everything about Kota on our way to the Poring hot spring which is our next destination. We can’t stop by Kinabalu Park yet because of the climbing event that is happening – of course Kota being one of the highest peaks in Asia. It then occurred to me that it was an activity-filled weekend for Kota, which probably explains the promo for the flight and the group of athletes (atleast that’s what I think) that were with us during the flight. I just confirmed a while ago that it was the hunky Andrew Wolfe that was with us during the flight for the football match and upon further reading he cut his lips in a game..awwww anyway... Back to our tour guide, get this, she even knows the climbing record of the last winner both for men and women division! Haha! Super! I was starting to think that the pricey fee of the package was worth it but then I resisted concluding that early.

We then reached the hot spring but were advised to have lunch first in one of the local inn. I didn’t expect that we’d dine as a group so I was excited to the thought of sharing table with cute guy. Haha!! Although the only plausible thing to think is that it’s his girlfriend that’s with him, their actions doesn’t really make me sold. They’re not that affectionate as compared to the Korean lovers who’d shheeeesh, HHWW with SS every so often. (Holding hands while walking with sway-sway, hahaha!!!) That’s your basis? Fine KC, if that’s what you’d like to believe. LOL!

Anyway I was positioned opposite him when he was asked to move to the next chair. Hmpf! I was able to glance at his ringless finger – a customary check for men but really indicative of nothing. So fine they’re not yet married, now what?? Then I looked again at his face and found him looking into me then WE LOCKED GAZE with I swear I swear for just a smidgen too long and just like the typical KC, I looked away feeling my face hot all over. Great KC! Very classy! Not obvious at all! So what’s the purpose of telling this?? You seriously believe that gaze meant something??? And then the girl (who I still refuse to call girlfriend at this point, lol!) came back from the toilet and they talked in a language that has a lot of sshhh, zzhhh, jjjiii. I can’t figure out really. LOL!

We enjoyed the food served at lunch. It was part of the fee. My only gripe is that some softdrinks are not included only hot tea. Hehe. And so I’ll cut short on this, it wasn’t really a nice view at all. The hot spring looked really nice in the photo but it was a Saturday and the place was swamped with visitors and mostly locals alike. I had some culture shock on these little girls swimming………

But I was still banking on the canopy walkway that time, so when I learned that there will be more walking in the mountain to reach it, Mama & Tita gave up just upon the entrance and said they’ll just wait for us. Even if only with my trusty flip-flops on, I still look forward the climbing up. Really good for the legs considering I didn’t swim that morning. LOL! And then when we finally reached it, I was appalled to actually see that it’s not really high as it looked in the pic. I mean, gee, my legs wouldn’t even wobble if I cross that. It’s absolutely a no challenge! Plus, it’s not that long! Nevertheless, still we crossed all four of it.

We then came back to find Mama & Tita resting. There's still time before the scheduled meeting back at the bus so me and my brother toured the place a bit more and found the mini falls. Then went back to where they are resting. I just feel sorry for them they didn't enjoy that much. You know when you're young and you go to some places with your family, usually the parents just let enjoy the environment while they observe you having fun from afar. And now years forward, the situation hasn't changed. I think I just picked the wrong place for this vacation. Also, at the conclusion of this Poring, I was decided that the amount paid was not worth it. =(

Further credence was added to this when we finally reached the Kinabalu Park after what seemed like an hour or so, it was raining so hard and since nobody was prepared for the downpour everybody decided not to go anymore. I didn't even look up from my sleep when the guide was asking coz I was just too tired and just wanna continue my sleep. Haha!

For dinner, we discovered this restaurant just right below the condo that serves steamboat for a very affordable price. Yummy!!!!!!!!

(oh you thought I had forgotten about this already noh?? haha!)

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