Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinnah & Muvee

The usual Friday. Dinnah & muvee with my clique. =) Yes I love Sandra & that guy Brad in Hangover but I'm just a tix free-loader (lol!) and a "fashionably" late friend (lol! - hey I came from a client meeting) so instead of All About Steve, we watched Law-Abiding Citizen. Anyways, Gerard Butler ain't that bad.........

(Right at the first scene)...Aww, shucks!! Too violent for me. I'd rather stick to rom-coms next time. LOL!

It was the LFS schedule we took. Rewind to around 830 PM, here's us at Zaifu. Cathy brandishing her new pink Sony digicam that gives her that unusual glow. Haha!
Love this photo. I feel like printing it and pin it up in my desk. =) Cathy has the "glow" and look at my hair - one of the benefits of blow-drying. You know I just flip it like that on one side and poof! It looks like I used some rollers. And fine, fine okay I think that very expensive Kerastase does its magic too. :P

And look, there's a new guy!! Woohoo!! Friday was the official "meet my friends" of Joy's new beau - which we totally approve of! Yihee!! Marvin - my videoke contender! We'll see one day who wins! Har har har!!

What was up with that Friday? From everywhere I turn my head, I see friends, acquaintances from work, college schoolmates. Yay!! Marvs said he'll pick me as a running mate should he run for elections. LOL!

Well someone's missing in this photo. And nope, it's not a guy for me lol! It's Cathy's hon Bri who had to skip dinner because of some business to take care of...... Tsk tsk!! Hirap talaga kapag malapit na..............hahaha!!!

That Hello Kitty display did complete my pink get-up. The pink mini bag is the one I told you I got in Bugis (which my Ate Anj loved :) plus fuchsia pink shoes from Canada (from Wil). Hehe. Fenk na fenk!

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