Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kk Adv4: My Black, Purple and Yellow

Same as Day 1, this second to last day has no concrete plans. LOL! Actually, my brother and I were still thinking about availing another tour, which includes the proboscis monkey sightseeing, and then just let Mama & Tita do their shopping since they are strongly against going for another one clearly dismayed with the tour yesterday. The schedule if ever is still at 2 PM so we decided to have a morning swim first. I didn’t know my bro’s a fan of swimming too. LOL!

10AM, back to the condo, we’re still finalizing on what to do for the day when both the elders decided that we just hit 1Borneo Mall and do shopping! Again?! But what about the Beckham monkey (the one named after David Becks! LOL!)?!?! Anyways, if it’s their decision then so be it.

An hour before lunch we were back at the said mall and since we’re after different interests we all decided to split into 3 then meet around 2 PM. Again this is already one high-end mall for Kota and I’m 80% sure I’m not going to buy anything here. I’ve seen CnK shoes during the 1st day (nothing interesting), there’s Mango (I just bought a dress last month) and some internationally acknowledged shops that just don’t promise anything cheap. :P Still I gave Mango a try and saw this leopard dress that’s not avail back in the Phils. I checked the price and was quite surprised to see it’s about 300 pesos cheaper of the normal price of the dress back home. I asked for a size but unfortunately there’s none. Well, lucky me coz really, another leopard item?? What am I turning my room into a jungle? LOL!

So shop after shop I went, but sadly there’s really no interesting item. Then eventually I tried this local brand of shoes and it’s undeniable that most of their flats are imitations of CnK’s styles. I tried some but didn’t like the fit so, blah. Which made me wonder why this mall doesn’t have Vincci which is what MY is famous for? It just doesn’t make sense. Now in the center there’s a broadband company doing some live demos of their product, so I quickly went there to check my accounts. Haha! What was I doing in the mall, surfing?? LOL! Then when the promo boys approached me and started to interview about my internet requirements, I promptly answered their questions rather looking the part of an interested customer – anything just to stay in the provided laptop and get online. HAHAHA!! You should’ve seen me, I could win a FAMAS! Hahaha! =))

Finally, ten mins before the meeting time, I went back expecting that atleast my brother could’ve been there. I mean you know guys typically don’t shop a lot and we’re talking about my KUYA here – the next stingy person to our mother. Haha! Catching a glimpse of Tita in boutique downstairs, I rode the inclined walkalator to check what they’re buying – some stuffs for neighbors and giveaways for my Tita’s company. Since it looks like it’s gonna take more time for them, I idled around the basement just looking around. You know what it’s usually like in basements of malls right? Grocery, food shops, antique stores, gym equipments – stores that you just usually pass by. But this food store that offers shrimp rolls caught my attention, I tried some of their products, and it tastes good. I went back to the store where Mama and Tita are to report that they could give some of those to the neighbors.

Then I continued snooping, and found this escalator from the right side of the mall and rode it up.

Hang on a sec….

I saw this familiar brand name Padini and my heart surged. I very well remember this store. It’s the same one I went into when I was in Melaka (Mar 2008) and where I bought my Vincci yellow and gray platforms. Hurriedly, I went inside and I WAS RIGHT! There’s Vincci inside!! WOOHOO!!

For reasons I couldn’t fathom, Vincci is being packaged inside this store. What the heck?? I mean, look at VNC in Phils, it could stand alone and could very well compete against Charles n Keith. I can’t understand why they have to demote this shoe store into such. When you enter Padini, it’s like being inside Cinderella wherein there are about 3 brands inside - the others are clothing articles. Anyways, no point being sore, there’s a promo going on where they take 20% off if you buy 2 shoes. This – and the fact that VNC shoes here are really cheaper than in Phils – kept me through those days of wanting to check out shoes while in Phils rationalizing that I’d rather buy here.

Actually, the girl that offered us the tour package said there’s even a cheaper outlet of VNC in KL. She gave me the name of the tower but I already forgot (my bad!). (But I’ll search for it come June of 2010! Woohoo!!) At first she even argued that its cheaper in Phils to which I vehemently said NO. Hahaha!!

Okay, without further ado let me just cut short to my 3 pairs! Weeeeeeeeee!!!!

the red nail polish just made every shoe loveable..haha!!

Then I remembered my fellas. One of the reason why I brought them here is to shop for their shoes and bags, I asked Mama and Tita to look around and pick whatever they like – charge it on me – knowing how much I already saved in my 3 pairs. Really, you couldn’t get them at the same price I got in MY.

So when Mama finally picked her pair (Tita can’t find any) – she went to where I was seated and saw my 3 pairs. She just asked me “Yan lahat kukunin mo?” and I nodded.

WOW. No violent reactions. I’m impressed!! Haha!! Er hello? Did some alien took over my mother that’s making her act completely out of character?? Hahaha!!

She very well knows that these pairs DON’T stand a chance against my increasingly shrinking room. And yet there were no objections. Hahaha!! In fairness, maybe she was thinking that the 3 big bags of clothes and 1 paper bag of shoes I gave away to victims of Ondoy did help in clearing space. LOL!

So there, all’s well that ends well. Ditching the monkeys and going to the mall instead isn’t bad after all. Haha!! After lunch at Kenny Roger’s, I even treated my Kuya for a frappe as a result of my giddiness. Haha!!

Then for dinner we were back again at the same steamboat restaurant where we dined yesterday. It’s so delish, we can’t help it. :P

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