Sunday, November 22, 2009


Due to insistent public demand (and by public I meant Cathy & Joy, lol!), last Friday night was scheduled for a KTV! :P

How did it all start? Well, it’s to officially acknowledge the new guy’s talent. A few posts ago, you already met Marvin. I think I was the first among Joy’s friends who've met him personally. Like I said, we all approve of him. He’s funny, a gentleman and very business-minded. BUT…….. (yeah, there really has to be a BUT, lol!)…… HE IS SUCH A BRAGGER!!! Hahaha!!

Okay, okay, okay. Don’t take it all too negatively. Matter of fact, the chap owns it up and is actually quite cool about it. But let’s not be too outright judgmental. :P We have also to take into consideration where he is coming from. The thing is, the attitude is quite inherent in his job as a sales person, which I’m not going to elaborate more here. At the very least I made some justifications in his attitude so I can understand him better although I think it would do him good to just tone it down for a bit. Just a wee bit especially when he’s with us. :P

Like I said, his big talk on other stuffs I can manage BUT (and it’s a big fat BUT), to CHALLENGE me in singing – THAT I CANNOT TOLERATE. Hahaha!! I’m sorry, but you’re talking to the KTV QUEEN here. LOL! Being a queen doesn’t really translate to being the best in it – don’t be mislead. Hahaha!!! But being a queen does mean that I DO NOT KOWTOW to anyone infront of the KTV. Hahaha!! And so, Joy was so happy that BF has found his match and the date was set. It’s gonna be a SHOWDOWN!! Hahaha!!!

Me in action

What actually transpired was more of a collaboration. The guy being LSS’d to I Will Take You Forever’s local rendition, we sang first and foremost to that and to some classic duets – The Gift, How Do You Keep the Music Playing (absolutely one of my faves) and many more. :D

In all fairness, I have to hand it to him, the guy’s really gifted in the singing department. The whole time I was pondering whose voice his was similar to. It took some time to register but I believe it was more of Jay Durias’ of Southborder. :D Not to mention, he has very good songs selection- soul and quiet storms. So this one was less dancing like what I had in SG though we managed to squeeze a bit of My Humps (lol!), Umbrella (and my Tagalog chorus) and a duet of Barbie Girl – totally LOL! Hahaha!! So clap,clap, clap for him. :)

Anyways, saw my new toy above?? Weee!!! My gift - Nikon D80 has arrived!! And the two girls were so excited to see it. Translation: they want to have a lot of pictures using that. LOL! But my shots are so horrible, I badly need some photography classes. Haha!! So for now, it shall remain status quo - props on the pictures! WAHAHA!! Wil, don't castigate me about this. Haha!!

Speaking of which, I know I'm a lousy friend for being late always. What with the bloody script last Friday not being fixed until about 630 PM. Anyway, if you noticed above pic, again Bri is missing. He came late too because of things to take care on their business. Grabe, he's soooo hardworking lately now that there's already a schedule for the big day! Yay!

Wow, such admirable men for my girlfriends. So happy for them. =)

Btw, not only I have a new camera, Cathy gave me a new leopard big bag that matches my flats!! Weeeeeeeee, thanks CJ!! :)


Nivek said...

I think it will be my life goal to go to KTV with you. Not because I'm a good singer but I think it will be fun especially with someone so dedicated.

I thought the pics came out good but I'm sure you can always hit up Lisa for some tips.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Sure..Just pay me a visit here..:P


Nivek said...

I'd love to. It depends when my job ends and that depends on how fast Obama does his thing and finally lays the last nail in the coffin for student loans. But I hope soon.